Cancel Tinder Gold: on iPhone, Android, refund

Cancel Tinder Gold: on iPhone, Android, refund

Tinder, arguably the most popular dating application, has two paid versions that allow you to access enhanced options for finding a partner. If you are already signed up to the Gold version and wish to unsubscribe but don't know how, this article will explain what needs to be done.

What are Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold?

Firstly, Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are the two premium versions of Tinder. With Tinder Plus you have access to certain additional features such as unlimited ‘Likes’, being able to undo a swipe (‘Rewind’), 5 ‘Super Likes’ every day, 1 ‘Boost’ per month, a ‘Passport’, a feature that allows you to find profiles outside of your current location, all over the world and finally, you can enjoy Tinder without any advertising.

In the case of Tinder Gold, in addition to everything you get with Tinder Plus, you will be able to see who has swiped right on you, without having to have swiped right on them. You can all access ‘Top Picks’, a function that shows you the most interesting and popular profiles every day.

To subscribe to any of these premium versions of Tinder, you just need to go to your profile, and go to Settings > Get Tinder Plus or Get Tinder Gold. The first option costs $9.99 per month and the second $13.99. To gain access to Tinder Gold, you will first need to have already activated Tinder Plus.

But what can you do if these versions no longer interest you, either because of their price, or simply because you have found your better half and no longer have need of Tinder. If that is the case, we will explain how to cancel your subscription.

How to cancel Tinder Gold?

For starters, you should know that Tinder does not bill you directly, instead, it is the app store that you use on your phone. If you are using an Android phone it will be the Google Play Store, alternatively if it is an iOS device then it will be the Apple App Store that manages the payments.

Therefore, to modify or cancel your subscription, you must go to your respective app store.

How to cancel Tinder Gold on Android?

To cancel Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus on Android, open Google Play Store and select Account> Subscriptions> Tinder. Click on Unsubscribe and then confirm your selection.

By doing it this way, Tinder Gold will remain active until the end of the billing period and then you will revert to the free version.

How to cancel Tinder Gold on iOS?

To unsubscribe from Tinder Gold on an iPhone, go to your iOS Settings. Search for iTUnes & App Store and sign in with your Apple ID. Go to Subscriptions > Manage > Tinder and tap Cancel or similar. If the button is activated for automatic renewal of payments, make to disable that so they do not charge you again.

In the same way as in Android, you will be charged for the current billing period and then you will have the basic version of Tinder again.

How to cancel Tinder Gold while maintaining Tinder Plus?

There is one final possibility, and you want to continue using the most economical premium version: Tinder Plus. The app forces you to cancel all paid versions at the same time, so if you want to keep Plus after Gold is canceled, you will have to re-subscribe to Tinder Plus.

Thus, when the billing period expires, you will pay once more for the premium version, but in the lower category.

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