No download file in sims 2 file. HELP

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i was trying to downloads some clothes and hair etc for my sims 2.

i know i should save the downloaded items in documents>ea games> sims 2> downloads

i dnt have a 'downloads' file in my sims 2 file

what should i do to get cool downloaded stuff form the net????

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u can go here
put your download query her and search
Thank you

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go to my computer, program files, EA games, Sims 2, then create a Download file with a capital D
All you have to do is make a folder called Downloads and put it into your Sims 2 folder. It should work.
I did and it don't work do u have some place u need to put it

It was the same with my sims 2 because my computer was swiped and when i restarted it the download file was missing so i just right clicked were the file would be and called it downloads and just put your downloaded files in there and it works fine as mine now does!
the download file you speak of is in your my documents folder not program files...took me a while and some frustration to figure that out.

I couldn't find it...