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I have an HP laptop, with Window's Vista. I installed a patch for the version 1.6 for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I wanted to get rid of the patch, so I went to the Control Panel, then Programs, then I removed the game (Call of Duty 4). When I tried to install the game again, I put the CD in the drive, then the autostart came on. The autorun said to either play singleplayer and multiplayer, or uninstall. I uninstalled the game from the control panel, but it still said to uninstall. If anybody knows the problem can you please inform me of what you know. All help is appreciated.

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I have a solution for you. Just go to REGEDIT and erase in sofware folder Activision reg. That's it, it will work and ENJOY!
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You can uninstall it ... then delete all the game files from the program files folder!

Install again!
Thank you for responding but I already tried that. I went on the Computer tab on the start menu and then program files and i couldn't find any files for the game. I don't know how to fix it.
Hello Just a person who might have had the same issue as you
why don't first go to REGEDIT on RUN and look for the activision software in HKEY_LOCAL_MAHCINE and look for the call of duty 4 folder. Then, click on the UninstallString key and just press ok without changing anything. Then, free up some space in your hard disk where the COD is installed and try to uninstall again. Just worked for me, hope it works.
hi...i have the same problem with call of duty 4...i just did what you said....but i cannot find COD.INI...i tried viewing hidden files...still cannot find the files..hope you can help me tnx
yeah i have done wat u said but i dont understand the UninstallString key part plz help