Big Bang theory

 Denny -
There is no audio for Big Bang theory tv series

3 replies

Turn up the volume?

Does any other videos have Audio, or is these the only ones?

Perhaps it is the quality of the rip that you downloaded from a torrent site?

Too many reasons why they don't, with no Clue or details as to the actual r3ason, you have failed to expand on the issue!!! There can be Multiple reAsons why the stReam would not worK!
I want to download new audio file for the tv series.
Somebody please help. Is there any site for downloading audio tracks for tv series??
If you've downloaded it from the site and not just streaming it, the problem might be in the file itself. Try this tool to convert and download the series and see if it works well. This site proved the really good quality of files, I've never had any problems with sound\format. If something's still wrong you should probably check your audio settings.

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