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I have a phone that has a SIM card by Republic Wireless. It has photos, etc that I want to move to my new phone. It is dead. How can I transfer my data to my new phone? Do I leave the Republic Sim card in the old phone while I activate my new phone, or do I insert it in the new phone. I saw somewhere that I could connect a cable to both phones to copy the data between each.

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Hello, firstly what type of phone are you transferring from, and to?

It is possible on Android phones to create a backup on your old phone, and then open this on your new phone. However, if your old phone is 'dead', as you say, this may be easier said than done.

If your old phone had a removable SD card then you can recover the data by connecting it to a PC, or if possible, transferring it directly in your new phone.

You may want to consider using a piece of software, such as mini tool, to help recover data from a dead phone. Not having used this before, I can't vouch for it, but this may help.

You can transfer your SIM contacts by following these steps.

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Most phones save contacts to the SIM card automatically ,so you can get the contacts on new phone by it.

If your other data was sync to a cloud storage, access them through cloud account. if not, several third-party tools may help you restore the data.
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