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 hasnat -
I have been using a document for 2 years now, and a couple of days ago, I had gotten my entire laptop updated to Windows 8.1. Since then, all my documents have turned into random symbols and characters. I have tried downloading the adobe acrobat reader DC but it says that it's only for .pdf files so it won't work. I have also tried using Word but to no avail. Please help me get my document back to normal comprehensible writing. Anything helps.

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 81.0.4044.129

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I have found a solution to this. Turns out, once i had updated my laptop, my Microsoft Windows Journal which ive always used for everything wasn't supported anymore. This has caused all my files to go awry become ineligible. However, after i had found out that the journal had been removed, i re-downloaded it and open my documents with that application and everything was fixed. I then made multiple copies in different apps like Word just in case. Thank you for helping.
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A simple way to resolve this issue is by changing the font style. Open the document in MS Word, press (Ctrl+A) to select the entire document. Now change the text font style to Arial.

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