VLC Player not displaying subtitles on MKV videos

 Odiemouse -
I was watching some vintage anime at the-hylia website using VLC player. After a few episodes under the AVI format, they next set were in MKV format, with SSA format subtitles on stream0, H264 video on stream1, and AAC audio on stream2. VLC Player plays the video with perfect Japanese audio. Any SONG lyrics appear in English at screen top, but any DIALOG appears as a "flower" of jumbled text at screen bottom, about 1 character wide. This "flower" is stationery, changes slightly when you'd expect the next subtitle to come up. Anyone have any ideas whats wrong? I'd submit a screenshot, but the button doesn't work.

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Either you have to update or you just have to install it again. Did you download it form their official website?. I do not think so as I have never faced this issue. Do one thing download an older version from their official page and try it out.
Thank you, Raysusher.

OK, this is starting to look like a corporate firewall issue. I uninstalled VLC, then went to their website for the download. At first I couldn't get through due to a certificate error. After a few retries, I got through to a pure white page with text only, no cone logo, no images. I found the download link, took the file and verified it against what I already had. I'm now running that newly downloaded VLC, and the video caption problem persists. However the apparent 'naked' VLC website makes me suspicious things are getting blocked on my employer's end. The video in question could still be bad, but streaming might be getting interfered with.

This is the website I was looking at.
Episodes 1-12 in AVI format are perfect.
Episodes 13-onward in MKV format all display the caption problem. Music lyrics are perfect, Dialog text is that "flower" clump i mentioned.

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