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i am using nokia 6600 (supernova) and I want to use my mobile phone as a web camera when I connect it to the internet. can u give me the link of the software that I can download freely to use my cell ph as web cam? thanks in advance.

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Yes you can use your phone as a webcam you will need to install this software:
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hi plz ay body tel me how to use nokia 6700c as a webcam plz tel me on my id
i wanna use my phone as a webcam on yahoo messenger. I have spice QT-66 mobile
i dont have bluetooth in pc. I connect my phone thru data cable
I have installed that app to my phone but I don't have bluetooth adapter for my pc can you tell me how can I use my phone as a bluetooth adapter for pc please
please ans me to my email :Email id removed for security

i want to use my Samsung galaxy minis3 as web cam on skype.
if u want to use to use ur camera phone as a webcam u need to enable BIP profile of ur phone bluetooth BIP(Basic Image Push).........
if ur phone bluetooth does not have this profile then its available in NOKIA E71...
U can go to torrentz site and type there Symbian OS applications. Download them,after that u will get d software for webcam.------ Ans 4 getting Free webcam Software.

go to this link and u will get all....