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eFootball 2022 is the reborn version of the famous Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) game developed and published by Konami. It is a free-to-play, cross-platform soccer game that emphasizes on delivering a more realistic, dynamic, and eSports-oriented experience.


  • Play with famous clubs: eFootball 2022 features the official licenses of nine of the world's most famous teams, such as FC Barcelona, FC Bayern München, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal, and more.

  • Creative Team: This innovative feature allows you to create the team of your dreams and take on users from all corners of the globe. Sign players and managers that suit your tactics and develop them to their full potential.

  • Team members and category: There are up to four types of players in the game, from lowest to highest ability: Standard, Trending, Featured and Legendary. This classification will be of vital importance in the matches.

  • Match passes system: Each match you play gives you the possibility to earn rewards, such as the 'Nominating Contract', with which you can sign the player of your choice. There are also eFootball coins that you can spend to buy any content you want in the game. Get the 'Advantage Match Pass' to receive a lot of useful items.

  • Goal-based gameplay: You will receive great rewards for completing specific objectives. Each objective is associated with a given reward, so you should try to complete as many of them as possible.

  • Cross-play: You will be able to experience cross-play between all the available platforms.

  • Constant updates: The developers will add more content, features and game modes over time.

Graphics and sound

Another of eFootball 2022's highlights is undoubtedly its graphic quality and its intention to provide an outstanding atmosphere that reproduces the excitement of the most awaited soccer matches. The motions and skills of the players have been improved, as well as the rest of the elements (from the grass on the field to the fans in the stands), to give the game a renewed realism. In addition, the music chosen by the developers is perfect to round off the whole.

Duration and game modes

eFootball 2022 offers different types of game modes:

  • Tour event: You can play against teams controlled by AI and accumulate event points to earn rewards.

  • Challenge event: You can play online against other players and complete objectives to earn rewards.

  • Online quick match: You can play a casual online match against another user.

  • Online match lobby: You can create an online match lobby and take on another player for a 1v1 match.

  • eFootball Creative League: Use creative teams to take on the most sought-after teams in the eFootball community. Play PvP matches against other players with similar levels and score points to move up in the division. You will earn various rewards depending on your results at the end of the round (10 matches).

  • eFootball Master League: The famous Master League game mode that puts you on the manager's seat will be added to the game in the nearby future. This mode won't be free as it will be part of premium downloadable content. 

What do the reviews say?

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It seems the game has not been well received by the press and the players: eFootball 2022 has been rated 25/100 on Metacritic. Konami took a risk with this new title, and the least we can say is the final product may not be as good as expected. However, they apologized for the main issues and stated they will work on improving and fixing the game.

"This is a solid football game like the series has always been, but the lack of content and game modes simply means there is nothing to do in this game. You will get bored in a matter of hours." (TrueGamer)

Age rating


eFootball 2022 has been rated PEGI 3, so it's suitable for almost all audiences.

How to install the XAPK file on your Android?

XAPK files are generally pretty heavy, so downloading the file may take some time to complete.

  1. If you have a version lower than Android 8, you may need to authorize the installation from unknown sources (only if you never did it before). You usually find this option in Settings > Security.
  2. Disable the Play Protect function through the Play Store options.
  3. Download eFootball 2022 on your mobile by clicking on the button at the top of this page.
  4. Download and install the XAPK Installer.
  5. Open the XAPK installer and grant all the necessary access permissions, then it will scan your device, and it should display a list containing all the XAPK files on your device. If the eFootball 2022 file does not appear, then locate the file in your "Downloads" folder and rename it by replacing the ".zip" file extension with the ".xapk" file extension. Finally, select the eFootball 2022 application and follow the installation instructions.
  6. Once installed, launch the game and enjoy!
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