Duplicati/Gs RichCopy 360 or Azcopy to Azure blob

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Monday February 22, 2021
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February 22, 2021
 Lian -
We are about to use the cloud (Azure blob) in our new project, all our data in our servers will be uploaded to the Azure storage at the beginning of the coming month.
some of my colleagues recommended using the free CLI(Azcopy) and the others recommended using the paid GUI (Duplicati or Gs RichCopy 360), everyone has a reason for every tool.
what I am thinking is Azcopy is not super friendly and the other tools are super friendly !! so Azcopy can be handled!
what do you think ??

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Maybe you will have some ideas her

Duplicati & Gs RichCopy 360 are great with the clouds but not free
Thank you

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