PS3 games on a Xbox360? [Solved/Closed]

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Is there any way to play PS3 games on an Xbox 360?

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Just found this thread while googling a bit and after reading XpertGmr post, I fell down from laughing, I just have to reply here now even if this thread is a bit old.

To everyone who believed what this guy said....
A PS2 and PS3 has a 128-Bit CPU, a Xbox 360 only a 64-Bit PowerPC CPU (The old one apple and IBM used). I'm working for a well known game developer and I can tell you guys its IMPOSSIBLE to run a PS2 / PS3 Game on a Xbox 360 or a Xbox 360 game at a PS2 / PS3 because those games are designed to ONLY run at the hardware from the consoles they has been released for, the best thing you would get from inserting a Xbox 360 DVD into a PS3 would be a "Inser Disk" message and nothing more.

If you dont believe me, just go and try to install for example Windows 7 64-Bit on a 32-Bit only CPU, that will be the best proof for yourself.

XpertGmr, go and get a bigger brain before posting ;-)

(Sorry for my bad english guys, thats not my main languange so if you find some writing error, just keep it ;-)
Thank you

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Why is it so funny ????
> Lol
Because the hardware architecture will not allow it. These consoles aren't just some AMD MS Based Computer in a pretty package. Its funny because anyone with half a brain should know that the console makers took this into consideration while engineering their Product!!!!! Lol
Hmm, Yeah.... Who ever says it is possible, is full of it... All three console are completely different architectures with completely different sub architectures on the respective console, first off each system is programmed to run with only the specific drives that it is made with, second off the consoles processing chips a designed and programmed to read specific game data with the corresponding video and data pipelines, which because the architecture and process center of each system is different, this would elimenate any chance of actually making another console disk with another console, say in the event that it could be possible to take those chips and read the programming language on them, and merge their abilities into one chip, though highly unlikely, and would take no less then the god of programming to do, and then to redirect all the respective pipelines for the console so that they would read the data from the independent console disk, would be damn near impossible, mainly because unless you have programmed for those console you wouldn't know any of the information, and if you did you wouldn't be on this forum talking about this, because you would have enough money to buy all three consoles..., and emulation is possible for older systems because they didn't use specific systems like new console do, which is why Microsoft and Sony, dropped the fight for backwards compatibility on their console because it isn't perfect when trying to do it on a completely different arch. and leaves alot of opening for problems that they determined wasn't worth the time and money to perfect, and to shut the people up that will bring the Wii's virtual console up, its 8/16/32 bit data any system can read that...
actually, you're making it harder then it is. If say, you had a ps2 drive lying around. for example: an old console you don't need anymore. you could plug it in a computer using a decoder, easily made with arduino and opimize the files using microsoft inner terminal(cmd prompt) to rewrite the encoding for xbox. you can do that because the game itself is the same, there us just a safety build in. If you're really serious about trying you might want to prepare for a couple of all-nighters.
you can play ps3 games on a windows system right. using an emulator? ok? established. now is you can make the same emulator work on your xbox 360 then you can play ps3 games on it. right? simple as that. want to know if it works? I just recently ordered mlb the show 09. it only works for the ps3. y'd I do it? im not crazy i'll tell you that.
I have the same set up as you man. Though I paid $55 dollars to have it modded. I was recently informed by one of my cousins that I did not need the mod as I already had he emulator working on my xbox 360 console. The other guys are right too. I can't play those PS3 games online. I'm very interested in one of the replies you gave on another website about a different kind of mod that fixes the red ring error and for anti-3rl. I emailed you before but I did not get any reply. I did get and email reply from of the guys who you gave advice to and he was the one who directed me to where I had my 2nd xbox 360 console modded. The one for $55 that I previously mentioned. Any help will do man! Please!
> kratos
hey can you explain all that stuff in the message you spend and what that emilator thing is? is it expensive? or just a program? See the thing is im a kingdom hearts fan but have an xbox 360 but I want to play the game still so I was thinking is there a way I can put the ps3 disk into my computer. mod it. and then pop it into my xbox? Thanks
Not true, there is no emulator for the Ps3 for the PC. If you could through some absolutely insane, costly way get it onto a 360 in homebrew, the framerate and graphical performance would be terrible. The PS3 and Xbox are totally diffferent systems build on totally different foundations. On top of that the wii/gamecube emulator (called Dolphin) is in its infancy and doesn't work well unless you have a minimum graphics card of 9800 GTX and above. Otherwise its is crap. Emulating that would be terrible like the PS3. Don't you understand... it is NOT possible
You could probably play 360 on PS3 but never Ps3 on 360.
360 can not read Bluray but the Ps3 can read DVD which is used on 360.

I doubt its worth all the trouble to get a PS3 to read 360 games.
The best thing to do,if you wanted, but it isn't exactly legal, is to get a pc with a blu-ray drive and decent GPU and download the emulation software to play the games that way. I'm not sure how u go about it butyou can play any console games on the PC.
they all have there own firmware!!!!!!
Xpertgmr you need to tell me how to do that with the xbox. please tell me at
ok bud a blue ray burner costs over 500$ or just about you need one to put it in a xbox in order to play a ps3 game so you can't do it will just 200$. expert gamer is most likly lying if he is not he should uploude some images of him playing a ps3 game on a xbox 360 then take the game out showing it is a ps3 game. Also if you all didn't forget changing systems that the games run on would take alot because the controlls are different they are made differently for each system you would need to change the info on each disk probly so really though just don't belive evrything you hear on the internet.
most of you are idiots.

Ofcourse it is possible for you to play a ps3 game on the 360, It would require alot of modding though.

New firmware, os, Drivers and the like, a new processor & motherboard and a second graphics card, Something that is beyond most people to do alone.

Simply put, without emulation, all it would require is a software update, lil bit of hardware and the devkits for both consoles (and a pc to decode the games into their new format) and a massive harddrive to load your games from.

In practice it would be hard as hell, but possible
From what I heard you can't do it, but I know if you could would know about it. That's for sure.
Dont no someone tell me
the games play and look the same on both as they dont make different for each one but when they are made into each format using codecs and encoders which are different you would have unscramble them. easier to buy yourself new ps3 slim and play them on that and leave xbox as is much less hassle

1) Why?
2) PS3 uses Blu-ray, 360 uses DVD's
3) PS3 games are coded to only work with The Playstation 3
4) If it could, there would be lawsuits up the arse

EOT<- END of thrEad
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Actually if you replace the systems BIOS you can play any format except blue rays for that you would have to modified the system BIOS of a PS3 and presto you can play any game ever made in a disk BUT it is extremely difficult so try it if you want to but if you are a noob DONT even bother
U can"t play Copied games on anything!!!!!!
personally I dont know what you guys are tripping on its just a game nothing more who cares what it will do
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jus buy a ps3 dude