Aspire 7745G white screen with external video working

Luk963 - Mar 17, 2021 at 09:14 AM
 Luk963 - Mar 18, 2021 at 07:52 AM

Whenever I'm using the dedicated video card (Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5850 1Gb) the screen turns white (and stays that way for quite a long time) when I'm running a video game or sometimes just watching a YouTube video. However, this doesn't happen when I'm using an external screen.
It also stops when I push the left side of the laptop.
Thanks for help.

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 89.0.4389.82

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David Webb Posts 3177 Registration date Monday November 25, 2019 Status Administrator Last seen October 7, 2021 6,943
Mar 18, 2021 at 06:45 AM
Hello, this sounds like a loose connection, or a problem with your video card, or a problem with the screen itself.

Check all of the connections if possible. If the issue doesn't occur when using an external screen, it does sound like its an issue with the screen itself. Try and find the screen connection and check that it is secure.

Thank you for your response.
Everything works as it should on the External Monitor.
even the laptop monitor works. But sometimes it crashes and a white screen appears.
sometimes just press the right side of the laptop and the screen will clear.
can there be a problem with the monitor cable? or Graphics card.
thank you for the quick reply :)