How do I get the Save button back for New Notes in Yahoo Notepad?

Winter_Max - Oct 12, 2021 at 02:22 PM
 Zadaman - Mar 26, 2023 at 02:07 PM

I've been using Yahoo Notepad for many years. Even now it's still easy enough to access my notes there, thankfully since I rely on a lot of the information I've stored there I've also found a way to copy all the notes so I can back them up elsewhere.

HOWEVER, as of last week when I go to write a New Note there is a formatting toolbar at the bottom of the note-writing area that HAS NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE IN ALL THE YEARS I'VE USED NOTEPAD.


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I appreciate anyone who attempts to help, but I do wonder why the help so often comes in terms of things that have nothing to do with the issue.

I never said I can't use Notepad. I said I can't create and save new notes because the Save and Cancel buttons on the New Notes page have been removed, and replaced with a formatting toolbar that was never there before last week in the 20 or so years I've been using Notepad.

I guess my real question is how to get someone at Yahoo to notice and give a d*mn enough about it to fix it.

Of course I could PAY the fee to contact Customer Support by phone, but PAYING to bring to their attention how they have screwed up a fundamental aspect of Notepad is something i just can't bring myself to do.

Besides which, I don't know if it would even get their interest enough to do something about it since it's not a problem affecting just one user. Rather it's, again, fundamental to the site.

That requires a much bigger change than "clear your cache." It would require the techs go to their bosses. And I imagine anything that takes that long would eat into the CS worker's quota, and thus their pay.

And I've already discovered AT&T "does not handle tech issues."

Anyway, thanks for playing. Sorry, no consolation prizes - for either of us.
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Oct 14, 2021 at 10:32 AM
I thought you had an issue with the Yahoo interface as you said you no longer see the Save and Cancel buttons. I checked that new interface - the notes are automatically saved and the delete option has been replaced by a trash icon, that's why the buttons are no longer there.

To create a note, click the New Note button, or select a saved note to edit it.

Your note will be automatically saved during editing after a few seconds, and when you close it.

To delete a note, you've a trash icon at the top of the note and to the right of the formatting toolbar.

If you'd like to suggest new features or submit your feedback to Yahoo, go to your inbox, click the Settings icon and select Give feedback.
New notes are NOT being saved. I can edit old notes but that is not helping my issue (same as Winter Max). I too refuse to pay to get help from Yahoo :( I will follow your advice and try to send feedback to Yahoo using the settings Icon.

What if I mistakenly deleted a line or a paragraph?
Once I was using my laptop, and my hand mistakenly touch the mouse pad in an odd way, an entire notepad file was highlighted and erased. So the Yahoo auto save - did save that mistake and I could not recover the entire file.
Yahoo's reputation doing so poorly when compared to google and other services.. Why would they introduce yet another poor idea.
I had yahoo email since 1995, and unfortunately I'm stock with them.

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Oct 13, 2021 at 10:13 AM

To try to fix the issue,
  • clear your browser's cache,
  • check if your browser is up to date,
  • check if JavaScript is enabled.

If you still can't use Yahoo Notes, try disabling all of your browser's extensions. Test also with a different browser.

Good luck

Like ALL text editors, put the option to "Cancel" or "Save" Changes you morons.

Forget the last question. I now understand that the "X" is how it's "closed". I previously took that to be just another way to trash the note like when you compose an email in Yahoo. There, you have the trash can at the bottom, but also an X at the top right, (so in the same position as this one), and yet it just means delete, or cancel the email.

Here I tested your assertion and sure enough, the note remained in the Notepad.

Thank you for the explanation.