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  • Incoming mail going to Trash - iPad IOS Solved

    Hello, My account was hacked recently, and since changing my password and reinstalling the Yahoo Mail app, all my incoming new emails go straight int...

    GMBurnley | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 31
    7 replies
  • Cannot get messages at Solved

    Hello, Is down? Cannot connect to download email since about 4 hours ago. Their webmail for Yahoo Small Business account cannot...

    YSBuser | Latest reply: YSBuser Jul 30
    3 replies
  • Images broken in emails Solved

    Hello, A couple days ago new emails are showing all of the images are broken. Old emails still have the images displayed correctly. I've rebooted my ...

    deadheadbob87 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 29
    4 replies
  • Why Do We Need to Pay Extra for Spam Protection? Solved

    It's been years since my AT&T webmail interface was taken over by Yahoo Mail. In all this time, I've been very unhappy with your spam filtering. It us...

    Ananisapta | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 29
    1 reply
  • Is this a scam? Solved

    Dear User, We are closing all old versions of our Yahoo Mail as of 25th, July 2022. You will be blocked from sending and receiving emails if not...

    StephenPetter | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 24
    1 reply
  • yahoo scam email? Solved

    Hello, ive received this email this morning from a real yahoo account. "reply to" i believe ...

    sam | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 12
    1 reply
  • no yahoo mailfilter in android app ? Solved

    Is there an option to create Mail filter in the app ? Or only desktop?

    moontime | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 08
    1 reply
  • How do I get the Save button back for New Notes in Yahoo Notepad? Solved

    Hello, I've been using Yahoo Notepad for many years. Even now it's still easy enough to access my notes there, thankfully since I rely on a lot o...

    Winter_Max | Latest reply: beachsoul Dec 16, 2021
    5 replies
  • EMail says I asked to deactivate my account and didn't Solved

    Hello, Is this a spam message that I received supposedly from Yahoo that I asked to deactivate my account on Fri when I didn't? There is a link that...

    noraleduc | Latest reply: HelpiOS Oct 13, 2021
    1 reply
  • yahoo can't recognize my email Solved/Closed

    Hello, my yahoo account was not use for more than a year however my yahoo account was connected to my facebook accout so i thought it was ok .but no...

    rjhay | Latest reply: Alamin Oct 5, 2021
    4 replies
  • how to recover my password if my phone is disconnected use the number Solved/Closed

    Hello, hi how to recover my pass word if my phone is disconnected with the number i normally use

    janelleaugus... | Latest reply: Elena Keracheva Jul 28, 2021
    1 reply
  • Yahoo Account Recovery Solved/Closed

    I have yahoo account and i know the password. The one thing that comes on my way is security question which i cannot remember. How can i recover/ acce...

    RonStar | Latest reply: Elena Keracheva Jul 26, 2021
    1 reply
  • How to recover an important message that went to spam Solved/Closed

    Hello, I had an important legal document sent to my aol email account about 2 months ago. I went to spam and the spam folder only shows email...

    alkovach8599 | Latest reply: alkovach8599 Jul 22, 2021
    2 replies
  • Sorry, we don't recognize this email. how to recover it? Solved/Closed

    Hello, hello, I can't log into my Yahoo account. I know my email address and password, although Yahoo sign in says 'Sorry, we don't recogni...

    atiq | Latest reply: Elena Keracheva May 18, 2021
    1 reply
  • Can't open emails in Yahoo Solved/Closed

    Hello, I've always been able to click on an email in Yahoo Mail so it opens and I can read it. Now I can't. When I click on a new message, a tab open...

    godfreygirl143 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Mar 30, 2021
    12 replies
  • My Yahoo mail verification code Solved/Closed

    Hello, i for got my Yhaoo mail verification code and had try so many time to got the code through message in my phone number **** , but unfor...

    Rajab | Latest reply: ui Mar 9, 2021
    4 replies
  • Want to change my phone number Solved/Closed

    Want to change my phone number that I use create my Yahoo account?

    081511denis | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jan 16, 2021
    1 reply
  • Sorry, we don't recognize that email address or phone number Solved/Closed

    Sorry, we don't recognize that email address or phone number

    Shiksobug | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jan 3, 2021
    3 replies
  • Outlook 365 will not connect to Yahoo Mail Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am trying to setup Yahoo mail to be read on my desktop Outlook 365 using IMAP (win 10 PC). I tried letting Outlook use the automatic setup...

    ngoldwein | Latest reply: lewisbert103 Dec 25, 2020
    3 replies
  • ***@*** Solved/Closed

    Hello, Long time. I don't forget question. Im problem What is your oldest cousin's name?

    Hamza | Latest reply: Hamza Nov 24, 2020
    1 reply
  • Edit/delete contacts in Yahoo Mail Solved/Closed

    Hello, According to guidance, under “more” I should get a choice to edit/delete “contacts” on my iPad. “Contacts” option not present. (?)

    Stevewaclo | Latest reply: HelpiOS Nov 9, 2020
    5 replies
  • Inbox font suddenly so tiny! Solved/Closed

    Hi, all of a sudden my yahoo mail inbox font is incredibly small... how do I fix it?

    Mgrader | Latest reply: annm Oct 1, 2020
    3 replies
  • yahoo does not open Solved/Closed

    I have an account since 1991, use it daily. Account seems to have crashed, I can receive mail but cannot delete,send,reply etc. I have rebooted 3 ti...

    l | Latest reply: saurabh2033 Aug 31, 2020
    2 replies
  • Yahoo does not recognize their email Solved/Closed

    Trying to log-in to my email account and upon entering my email address, I get the message "Yahoo does not recognize this email". I 'm using just my...

    ChrSou | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 21, 2020
    3 replies
  • question about the box on the top of my mail area Solved/Closed

    Hello, a few days ago all of a sudden i started to get when opening ebay email on the top part of the email screen a ebay section. that section show...

    corvairbob | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 15, 2020
    11 replies
  • moving mail messages Solved/Closed

    Hello, How do I save an email message from my Yahoo mail inbox to another folder on my computer ?

    tommakawao | Latest reply: jack4rall Jul 11, 2020
    1 reply
  • We have noticed some unusual activity Solved/Closed

    I am trying to login my Yahoo account since my Facebook account was hacked and i dont know how to open it, when i opened my Yahoo account, it says tha...

    Lorrieza | Latest reply: Berrr May 27, 2020
    4 replies
  • At the top of each page of my Yahoo mail is an advert that is a scam Solved/Closed

    Hello, at the top of each page of my yahoo mail is an advert which is a scam. how is this ok?

    Mike | Latest reply: Daniel Telele Apr 19, 2020
    1 reply
  • Can't log in to Yahoo account Solved

    Hello, I can't log into my Yahoo account. I know my email address and password, although Yahoo sign in says 'Sorry, we don't recognize this email.'...

    ashley | Latest reply: Nasim Apr 9, 2020
    14 replies
  • my husband needs an email Solved/Closed

    Hello, i'm trying to setup an email account for my husband, how do I do this/

    PS91445 | Latest reply: David Webb Mar 26, 2020
    1 reply
  • Yahoo Mail Requires Frequent Password Change Solved/Closed

    Have yahoo mail accounts for business and personal. Every 2 weeks or so, I'm required to change password on my business, however, personal account ra...

    HollisJackson | Latest reply: David Webb Mar 19, 2020
    1 reply
  • Cannot open my yahoo account yahoo ID Solved/Closed

    Hello, i cannot open my yahoo account yahoo ID and password but i lost my old number and i dont have a alternate email. please help me

    joboruiz | Latest reply: joboruiz Feb 19, 2020
    2 replies
  • Email Alias Missing Solved/Closed

    Email Alias option is missing on the Setup. How come?

    Nelson | Latest reply: HelpiOS Feb 19, 2020
    1 reply
  • LO BUSCO O YA NO? Solved/Closed

    Hola, lo que pasa es que con mi ex novio llevo 2 años pero terminando y regresando y yo siempre lo dejaba por inseguridades, esta última vez él se fue...

    Nomman | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jan 25, 2020
    1 reply
  • This mailbox is disabled (554.30) Solved

    Hello, i created my yahoo account a few days ago, used it even yesterday (sent an email not just received) and today my account was disabled. why c...

    soimi | Latest reply: Soimi Jan 23, 2020
    6 replies
  • Yahoo Mail : Cannot Respond or Sent Emails (but can open Yahoo) Solved/Closed

    Dear All I have a yahoo mail issue which I am unable to resolve. 1. I am unable to respond to mails received 2. I am unable to write a new ma...

    Quentin1962 | Latest reply: Quentin1962 Jan 23, 2020
    2 replies
  • Change phone number Solved/Closed

    Hello. I want to change my phone number in my Yahoo mail account

    Hilary | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jan 13, 2020
    1 reply
  • Cant sign in my Yahoomail Solved/Closed

    I don't have access to my phone, i didn't provide alternate mail also, how can i sign in my account?

    bobmarcia | Latest reply: David Webb Jan 9, 2020
    1 reply
  • Locked out of Yahoo emails. Solved/Closed

    I'm not sure how but I was signed out of the app and my verification number reverted back to a numbers that I no longer use. How can I recover them? P...

    TFreddy | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jan 8, 2020
    3 replies
  • recovery of lost emails Solved/Closed

    Hi, I have not opened my email for a long time. This time i attempted to open, I had forgotten my password. In the process of recovery, I discovered ...

    Laz | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jan 8, 2020
    1 reply
  • Can't Recover yahoo email account Solved/Closed

    Hi, Please advise on how to recover the yahoo email account without the access of the old mobile number and the alternate email verification. The p...

    sheryl_banga... | Latest reply: David Webb Jan 7, 2020
    1 reply
  • How can I get an Old School loging screen for Yahoo? Solved/Closed

    Hello Folks - I want to log into my Yahoo account on a new device, but I don't want to use the Account Key icon (on Windows 10 I don't see that ico...

    HavingProblems | Latest reply: SimSportPlyr Dec 30, 2019
    6 replies
  • Not recognize my yahoo mail Solved/Closed

    Hello, Why yahoomail not recognized my email

    Ayobami | Latest reply: HelpiOS Dec 21, 2019
    3 replies
  • Can't find my country code to create a Yahoo account Solved/Closed

    Dear Yahoo, I am trying to create Yahoo email account but having difficulty because my country South Sudan is not on the list and so the phone countr...

    thomas | Latest reply: liamnilsson Dec 19, 2019
    1 reply
  • dont recognized Solved/Closed

    Hello, pls don recognized my mail , 13-12-2019 date I am getting login problem how to recover

    prasad_kolag... | Latest reply: HelpiOS Dec 19, 2019
    3 replies
  • Yahoo mail - Change phone number? Solved/Closed

    I need to change my phone number in order to get a code so I can sign in from a laptop instead of my iPhone.

    carrillo_tx@... | Latest reply: David Webb Dec 13, 2019
    1 reply
  • How to change my number? Solved/Closed

    Hello, Ples ching my namer

    Tariq | Latest reply: David Webb Dec 13, 2019
    1 reply
  • Mr.milind Solved/Closed

    i cannot access my yahoomail login page as it is giving error: took too long to respond.

    milind_6245 | Latest reply: David Webb Dec 3, 2019
    1 reply
  • Can't remember my messenger password Solved/Closed

    Hello, Can't remember my messenger password I change my password but it has remember my password and will not let me chamge it @*** Configuratio...

    Molly | Latest reply: David Webb Dec 2, 2019
    2 replies
  • Yahoo email retrieval Solved/Closed

    I used to have a yahoo account that was attached to a phone number that is no longer existed. How I am going to retrieve my old messages

    Nikoandsissy... | Latest reply: HelpiOS Dec 1, 2019
    1 reply