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Hello,i got my new connection of aircel as it provides free gprs for one month at rs 98 only. I buied my new handset of Samsung E1410 and installed pc suite . able to connect my pc butt...... how to connect or setup aircel connection wizard so that I can use inter through pc
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hi friends I tell u clear idea, to activate the aircel gprs

step 1: send the request through the sms, eg: BP mobilemodel. I forgot the number, please call customer care
they tell u the procedure.

Get the settings

step 2: After the request they send u the settings with in the 3days.
step 3: call customer care ask whether ur aircellonline has activated or not. if activated follow the step 4. otherwise wait for another 2 days.


step 4: now e-reacharge with Rs:14(three days , not 78 hrs ) or Rs: 98(30 days)

Connecting to Pc

step 5: if ur using sony erricsson mobile install the PC suite, after installation open the sony erircsson pc suite, in pc suite open mobile networking wirzad, in that click new connection(before click in u must connect the mobile through cable in Pc )
Step 6: Select packet Switched Data, click next----->
Step 7: Select Sony ericsson W200 USB WMC modem, Ex: w200, Click next----->
Step 8: In connection name type aircel, Select other two option, Click next----->
step 9: Select Manual Mode, Click next------>
Step 10: In Access Point Name (APN), type is important that name never changed) , Click next---->
Step 11: if u want to give username and password give the name otherwise click next---->
Step 12: Click finish.
Step 13: And then in Desktop double click aircel icon click dial, now ur modem(mobile) connect with ur PC. if its not connect . another time double click aircel icon click properties in that *99***1# will appear, change that number(*99***2#)or tire upto (*99***10#). now ur connected enjoy@@@@@@@@@

Thank you, Pinky 41

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yes the peocedure elaborated by pinky almost correct. Installation of sony ericsson software must be installed through the CD come with the hand set or download the handset software from the sony ericsson website is must before going to proceed installation of any internet settings through pc.
my phone is nokia 2330
for aircel gprs settings, just send sms as "GPRS" to 121. Settings will get delivered within 10 sec.
Thank you
My Internet is working is very slow, can u tell me how to increase internet brousing speed.
Thank you
Please ask customer care to give u the settings of aircel GPRS remember to take full GPRS not wap. Then after receiving the settings install it. Restart phone. And open your PC suite connect ur phone, The at network create wizard Give

Name = WEBPR
APN = aicelweb
Number= *99***# .

Then Create connection or as ur PC suite follows.

VOILLLAAAA ! ! ! U have successfully created ur connection and enjoy the fastest net after airtel.
If any problem persist contact me
I reamain online every day.
Thank u guys........
Hay bro I am using samsung S3310 and I bought aircell 98 unlimited plan.
every time I ask coustemer care they gives differant settings how should I connect to pc please give me settings.and steps to email id : - Email Id removed for security
i live in pune and I got aircel 2 month back I get good speed but it is not that good.can u help me in how to increase it on mobile as well as pc? w8ing for reply
Hi! I am using aircel gprs in my motorokr e6 but I can not connect it to pc. Please help me.I am using windows xp.
pl setting from mobile to pc internet connection
Hello I have nokia 7610
mobile and aircel connection and I am using nokia pc suite version what are the settings for this
Thank you
Hello,i got my new connection of aircel as it provides free gprs for one month at rs 98 only. I buied my new handset of Samsung E1410 and installed pc suite . able to connect my pc butt...... how to connect or setup aircel connection wizard so that I can use inter through pc
Thank you
u only hav to do is just put aircelgprs in ur accespoint

accesspoint- aircelgprs
username- blank
password- blank

u hav done
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Thank you
Hello you will need to use pc suite to connect to the internet on your pc! Your phone will act as a modem!
i used sircel pocket internet through my Sony Ericssion W350i. But it was a frustrating exprience..speed was very slow . plz help me regarding speed increment
but first thing is that my phone is not connect to my computer
GOTO digitdiaryDOTcoDOTnr to get your phone connected on pc with aircel internet

replace DOT with a .
i hav got lg k195 wnted settings for aircel pocket internt ...pls hlp
Thank you
To use aircel gprs via pc u must hav a GPRS enable headset ,At first you must register your headset to use it.SMS PI to 121(In Assam Circle),At first u must install the software related to that gprs enable headset (e.g. Nokia PC Suite in case of Nokia Headset)on ur PC.If u have finished installing software then follow the steps-
1.Connect Phone to PC through Data Link Cable.
2.Go to the Networking icon (e.g. Mobile networking wizard in case of sony ericssion headsets)
3.There an option comes as "set manually"
4.In the Set Manually Option you enter the APN as "aircelweb".Here Username and Password are not required to be filled.At last when the wizard is over you right click on the recent connection name and the gprs is connected .
Now enjoy the internet.
Note:-The settings must be set manually using APN"aircelweb"
Thank you
i have nokia 2700 classic . I wna use aircel free gprs soooo I cant find my proxy setting in my mobile
pls help me yar pls pls plsplspls pls
suraj dhankar - Aug 18, 2009 at 04:45 AM
Thank you
Hi friends,
I am using sony ericsson G502 .After had a recharge of Rs98 for PI, I requested aircel people to activate gprs-they guided me to send sms to 121 writting in text 'PI',they said I will be getting settings within 24 hours ,but something like that didn't happen.
Then I had talk in gprs technical support they told me the following procedure-
Step 1-Go to 'settings>connectivity>internet settings>create new>PS data'
APN-aircelgprs(plz write in small letters)
and left user name, password and IP address ...etc blank.
keep proxy settings off
save this setting..........
Step 2-Go to 'settings>connectivity>USB>USB network>USB network type>off
>USB data account>aircel online
Step 3-open ur pc suit and connect phone to pc through USB cable,when it shows connected status then click on 'internet connection>manage ur connections>create new
phone no - *99***1#
set this as ur default connection and double click on me friends u will be connected to world.
but but but but.......................................................................
Aircel internet connection keep on breaking within time span of 10 min during peak hours , 20 min in normal hours and 1 hours after 1 pm in night. e.g u have connected for chatting during normal hours.....u have successfully joined a chat room in 10 min....u start searching a girl in chat room.....successfully u find a girl in another in another 7 min.....girl make a reply in another 3 its time to play with the girl but but but ......connection breaks.....hehehehehehehehehehe
one more thing I would like to add..........downloading speed is only 2-3kbps,after 1 pm it is up to 6kbps.
For any further assistence u may contact on my mail id
Email Id removed for security
I will try my best to do the needful.
Thank you
can you plase send me gprs setting for aircel and how to connet it to pc and china mobile
i m in mumbai just send sms like this---->>>> aircelgprs (space) nokia (space) n73 than send to 52346 you get settings from aircel-data network save in ur mobile
NOTE,- for example I had given nokia n73 ne of ur mobile modal u get setting same like this
you all of you have given only suggestion no one provided actual extinitilization commond AT+CGD etc if uou no plz provide
Thank you
Dear Friends

Profile name=aircelonline
home url=
data call type=ISDN
please edit yopur browser profile to get connec ted

Sagar Manna
Email Id removed for security
Thank you
Dap(download acelatter plus) ka free verson download kar ke eak sath 4 chij download karo wo bhi 5kbps se 30kbps aur aircel ka what lago
Thank you
first create a dail-up connection
password -blank
then come to control pannel>>phone and modem options
select modem then go to its properties choose advanced and type in extra initialising commands,this command
Thank you
For all those who are using nokia pc suite, connect you mobile to pc or laptop through usb of data cable, ( first delete all the gprs settings in your mobile and save the aircel settings ) now click on connect to internet in the pc suite, click on settings and click on configure manually click next, at the access point type "aircelgprs" with out cotes and rest all leave blank and click finish, thats all you r now connected to the inter net.

any problem call me at
Phone number removed for security
Thank you
U only hav to do is just put aircelgprs in ur accespoint/APN

accesspoint or APN-" aircelgprs" or "aircelweb"( in assam circle only)
username- blank
password- blank

u hav done
///No any internet profile is required on the phone//
Call me at Phone number removed for security
hii guys..can any of u tell me how to setup buluetooth dial up network..

i hav samsung c3010s with aircel pocket internet on it..
net works on the I dont hav pc suite of samsung...then hw to set up network on pc???
kiran > imnotee - Jan 13, 2010 at 01:05 AM
Hey frnd I can giv u the details...if u contact me thru mail..Email Id removed for security
Dont worry I am not gonna ask any money ha ha..
Thank you
Hi all,
Aircel launch Pocket Internet Service in Assam in the last week of August'09.
From the launching date I am trying to connect internet to my pc via Aircel Pocket Internet.

After google search for few days and Aircel customer care help I finally able to connect internet in my pc
from my Nokia 7210. I follow the following steps.

1. sms PI to 121 to get Pocket Internet setting.
2. sms GPRS to 121 to get the GPRS setting , save the setting as default setting.
3. Connect the Mobile with USB cable
4. Click connect to internet button in your pc suit software, if it not works.
5. Go for manual setting and give Access point as "aircelwebpost" if you are a Post paid customer.
If you are a prepaid customer give "aircelwebpre". No user name ar password required, so leave
every thing else blnk.
6. Now Try to connect. It should work.

Thank you
If anyone is having problem in getting net on pc using aircel just contact me thru my mail Email Id removed for security..i am using aircel for past 3 pc ...working if help is needed just contact me...
Thank you
iam gokul

i am have lg kg195 and aircel sim.i got my phone suit for kg195 and I connected gprs on pc the connection speed is 460kbps but I am not able to browes any thing .
Thank you
i connect and open throuh the pc suite but subscribe pocket data is shown in the mobile display.

How can I access net from mobile through the pc.If any other software needed except pc suite please expalin
Thank you
profile name=aircelonline
home url=
data call type=ISDN
please edit yopur browser profile to get connec ted
AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","","",0,0 is extra initilization commond
Guys its working...
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