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I need help with my pc. I uninstalled zonealarm, adware, avg and norton coporate edition on my computer before installing Norton 360 on my pc. After installing I was unable to access any web page even though connectivity was excellent. Contacted norton and they uninstalled 360 (was able to access the internet now) - they also requested to download a norton system removals tool to make sure which I was told would remove all norton software before reinstalling. After trying to reinstall norton 360 again - was unable to access the internet. Computer also froze and would restart. When the computer was restarted in safe mode i could access the internet. Norton 360 has not been reinstalled but now my pc will not access the web at all. It still says that connectivety is excellent. Was told it was zonealarm working in the background that has blocked the ip address. Zonealarm has been removed from the registry however am told that the ip address is still being blocked. Any ideas?


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You will have to configure your Internet options!
Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools, then select Internet Options.
Click on the Connection Tab, Click on LAN Settings!
Tick 'Automatically Detect Proxy Settings'

Restart your computer!

Rechecked all of that initially and it does not pick up the ip address - was told there was something blocking it. That is as far as I have got to.

My solution was update online Norton 360 AFTER disable the firewall and then restart.