Having a problem with Video Strip Poker's server

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 Molsy69 - Dec 29, 2021 at 12:28 AM
I have a really quirky situation. About a month ago I tried to log onto my Torquemada Games' Video Strip Poker HD game (a fun game I might add but can get expensive), and tried to purchase some opponents. I was able to purchase them but when I went to download them it gave me an error message and told me it could not connect to the server. I can go to the site, I just can't reach it through the software.

I was able to (temporarily) fix the problem by rebooting the computer in safe mode then going back to regular mode. This fix didn't work a second time.

So far I have tried:
-- disabling my antivirus software / didn't do anything
-- uninstalling the game / I am unable to reinstall. Fortunately I did reinstall while it was temporarily working.
-- flushing my DNS / that's not it.

Any help would be appreciated. I cannot figure this out but I think it might have something to do with my laptop.

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i'm having the exact same problem on both my laptops & i now its not the laptops cause 1 is brand new, i installed the game soon as i bought the laptop & the game worked smooth, a week later & now this bs. i think the company is fling us around as i had pass problems with those clowns.