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  • Developer Braindrop
  • Version S2-C1-E13-B2
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Dive into WVM, where you're the sought-after basketball star navigating through life at a new school with friends & intriguing relationships. With visually stunning characters, a diverse cast, and a storyline blending excitement with depth, it offers a mix of engaging narrative and captivating interactions.


  • Pick your character: In WVM, you step into the shoes of the nation's most sought-after new basketball recruit, faced with the choice of joining prestigious programs across the country. Instead, you opt for a less renowned institution where both your closest friend, Shauna, and your girlfriend, Jamie, have been accepted, catapulting you into the school's spotlight. From the outset, you can define Shauna's identity as either a woman or a male-to-female transgender woman.
  • So many people to enjoy with: As the narrative unfolds, Jamie consents and supports your exploration of relationships with other women. This journey begins with Shauna and swiftly expands to include various characters, from cheerleaders and classmates to faculty members and even family members, creating a complex web of interactions and relationships.
  • A rich story: This game is rich in captivating mature themes, complemented by a profound and enticing storyline that is as stimulating as it is entertaining.
  • Shape your journey: WVM is an interactive visual novel where you can make various choices and choose the person you become. The main character is intentionally crafted to be likable, which naturally leads you to ponder the consequences of your decisions. While it's possible to explore romantic adventures, the game encourages you to pursue a genuine and ethical path. How you depict the protagonist boils down to your approach to the game, allowing for a unique experience tailored to your values and preferences.
  • Characters: One thing that really draws players to WVM is the unique charm of the characters, especially one with irresistibly cute freckles. But trust me, there's more to her than meets the eye. The game's cast is visually stunning, offering a variety of personalities that promise to keep you intrigued. Each character is meticulously designed, ensuring there's someone to catch your eye and keep you engaged.
  • Regular updates: The game is regularly updated to offer more content.

Graphics and sound

It's worth noting that while the character art is top-notch, the game tends to lean towards a more static experience. Animations are present but rare, and though they're well done when they appear, you might find yourself wishing for more dynamic scenes to fully bring the game's world to life.

About sound, WVM is relatively silent overall for the moment.

Duration and game modes

WVM features a single-player experience you will enjoy for a couple of hours.

What do the reviews say?

Considering the players' feedback, WVM offers a great experience with high-quality 3D graphics (for this kind of game) and a rich story with tons of occasions to have fun with all the different characters.

Age rating

WVM is suitable for an adult audience.

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