Account reactivation error

m1cck0 - Jan 5, 2022 at 08:56 PM
 Peter - Jul 8, 2022 at 01:16 AM

I have deactivated my account for 2 months now and after the break, I am trying to log back in. The thing is after I type my
name and password, it requests a security code which is sent to my mobile phone cause it is reporting a suspicious login.
After I enter the code, it returns "Sorry, some error occurred. Please try again", over and over again. I tried it 10 times,
on my PC browser, my mom's phone, my friend's phone, the code I type is correct, yet I get the same answer.
I even tried resetting the password, but the same error occurs again on a different page.
Could you please be kind and help me as I can't reach the Instagram support center or their contact mail. My Instagram name
is m1cck0.

Thanks in advance.

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 96.0.4664.110

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I have the same problem.
About two months ago I temporarily deactivated my account. 

Yesterday I tried to activate my account but I did not succeed it.

Even though I entered the correct password, then I entered the password I received on my cell phone, and my backup codes I received a message saying error. I managed to change my password and tried again but nothing happened. 

I uninstalled the application and downloaded it again. I tried to enter my information but it still came out the same message. I tried to enter from a computer and another mobile device but nothing happened. 

From yesterday, I get a "login error" message. "Try in a few minutes ''. Now when I click the button "send a code to your your cell phone" it says "Try in a few minutes" and the message never comes to me! 

If you find a solution please let me know!
  1. Try logging in with your email or phone number. If attempting to log in with your username isn't working, consider using your email address or your phone number.
  2. Reset your password. If you can't remember the correct password for your Instagram account, you can reset it from your phone or computer.
  3. Turn off your phone's Wi-Fi when logging in. If the Instagram app (not your login information) is the problem, using cellular data instead of Wi-Fi can resolve some login issues.
  4. Use a different platform to access Instagram. Your phone or computer may have cached information which is preventing you from logging into your account; if so, using a different phone, computer, or browser to log into your account may fix this problem.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app. In some cases, reinstalling Instagram will resolve login issues caused by the app.
  6. Consider whether you violated Instagram's Terms of Use. If you're receiving a message that says your account doesn't exist, your account may have been deleted by Instagram due to a Terms of Use violation.