Account reactivation error


I have deactivated my account for 2 months now and after the break, I am trying to log back in. The thing is after I type my
name and password, it requests a security code which is sent to my mobile phone cause it is reporting a suspicious login.
After I enter the code, it returns "Sorry, some error occurred. Please try again", over and over again. I tried it 10 times,
on my PC browser, my mom's phone, my friend's phone, the code I type is correct, yet I get the same answer.
I even tried resetting the password, but the same error occurs again on a different page.
Could you please be kind and help me as I can't reach the Instagram support center or their contact mail. My Instagram name
is m1cck0.

Thanks in advance.

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 96.0.4664.110