How to gain access to my hacked facebook account

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someone hacked my facebook account 5 days ago and changed my password and the email associated with my account so i could not recover my password or reset it. I contacted facebook help desk about hacked accounts and verified my identity and sent a picture of my ID in. Finally my email is link to my account but so is the hackers email as well. When i try to recover my account and sends me a code i got an error message "This feature is unavailable right now" so i go back to the email and click reset password instead of entering the link but it takes me to the same place to enter the verification code. i enter the code again and now i get an error message " You have entered a code too many times, please try again later" i waited 24 hours and tried again and same thing happened. how am i going to get access to my account if i cannot reset my password because some feature is not available and then when i enter the code it says i entered too many codes. the hacker still has access to my account and is continuing to use it. I have tried all of the self help articles on facebook help center but i am not getting anything resolved. Can someone please give me some insight on how to get this resolved?

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 99.0.4844.84

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Me too.just this morning.please help me to recover my acc.thank you


Help me too to recover my account