Shadowban for the second time?

Sitelo - Aug 29, 2022 at 11:08 AM

Hello everyone! 

I recently started my content journey with my danish profile called "Dyreriget" (meaning "The animal kingdom) a few months back and it was going very good!

However, when I began reaching 100k-200k views, many of them through the For You Page, it all just stopped and my newer videos would "only" get about 2-3k views + no one watched my videos through the For You Page, even if I added the hashtags.. I can see this through my video analytics where it shows 0% from the For You Page. 

After a while where my videos still wouldn't get more than a couple thousands views, I created a new account and started posting there. Then my videos got up to 200k views again, but the whole scenario repeated itself. All of the sudden my views dropped drastically down to a 1-2k views..?

Can anyone help? I have read some people get "shadowbanned", which might be the reason, but I don't see how I've violated any of TikTok's regulations.
I haven’t received any warnings from TikTok themselves either, so I’m completely lost as to why this has happened..

Link to account:
Link to second account:

Have a great day! Best regards Frederik Petersen

Windows / Chrome