What is the credit summation formula?

What is the credit summation formula?

MS Office Excel is a spreadsheet application. In Excel, various kinds of statistical functions can be applied to the cells. One can also apply mathematical functions to the data. The below article details a user generated credit/debit summation formula which should be simply pasted into the cell where a result is desired.

What is the debit credit formula in Excel?

Below is the data (date, name, debit/credit) found in sheet1. The user needs the formula to get the sum of debit/credit in another sheet.

For example:

SHEET2 DATE CREDIT/DEBIT 25-nov-09 (sum of debit/credit of the date).

DATE SCRIP NET(Cr/Dr) 19-Nov-09 LOKHSG -21025.40 20-Nov-09 LOKHSG -41024.68 24-Nov-09 RAJOIL 1208.81 24-Nov-09 TATACOFFEE 976.74 24-Nov-09 SKF -521.02 25-Nov-09 RAJOIL 1036.34 25-Nov-09 MMFIN 830.95 25-Nov-09 HEG 122.02 25-Nov-09 SESAGOA 269.47 26-Nov-09 BAYER 679.72 26-Nov-09 HEG 1552.68 26-Nov-09 ADORWELDING 13.15 26-Nov-09 ADORWELDING -156996.36 26-Nov-09 MONNET -42131.28 26-Nov-09 RAJOIL -68961.30 30-Nov-09 MONNET -210.90 1-Dec-09 WARRANTEA 1051.76 1-Dec-09 WARRANTEA -49708.47 1-Dec-09 TORRENTPOWER 587.44 1-Dec-09 MONNET -40476.41 1-Dec-09 RAJOIL 67770.92

What is the credit summation formula solution?

  • In sheet2 B2 paste this formula:
  • And hit the Enter key
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