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Monday June 29, 2009
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My son in law downloaded to our Laptop, Vista Software videos we took last year while traveling Europe from our Sony Camcorder with a hard drive. We used a DVD-R. We viewed the video and it was perfect, but one trouble we have has not been solved. We cannot watch that video on our HD Flat Screen. My husband and I went back to Best Buy where we purchased the Sony Camcorder and asked them for help. The Tech tried to view the video on one of the their TV’s to no avail He advised one of their experts visit our home at the tune of $150 and check it out. He viewed the video via laptop and told us the reason we could not watch it on our TV was because it needed to be finalized and in order to do that, he advised to purchase NERO 9

I waited for Best Buy to put Nero 9 on sale from $99 to $69 and then I purchased it.

I asked the sales clerk at Best Buy if Nero 9 would be easy to install and if it would solve the problem. He said yes, Nero was downloaded, but we could not get it to finalize. This time we used a CD-RW because that it was the message on the screen from NERO 9 said It completed the process, however, only recorded 8 minutes out of 35 minutes. It did not give us an error message.

Back to Best Buy and they advised to download from the Net "Any Video Converter Program" which is a Free program. My husband did as told then tried again to burn this time using a DVD+RW. It did not work. Free Program a told us to use the CD-RW, which I had tried before. It only recorded 8 minutes out of 35 minutes.

I cannot return the software because we had opened it. We are going to return to Best Buy and give them an ear full. They have lowered the price of Nero 9 yet again to $59. This is the second time in 2 months. Something tells me that people are complaining vehemently about NERO and Best Buy is trying to get rid of whatever inventory they have left. NERO 9 is a useless and we are all stuck. The Net is full of dissatisfied customers, and I found out too late.

CD-RW we used holds 80 minutes. What I want to burn is about 35 to 40 minutes. DVD-R and DVD+RW we used holds 120 minutes. Nothing has worked and I am furious!

Can any one help?

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Thursday May 14, 2009
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September 30, 2010
hi there,

use link below and download video converter:

convert your video files and burn it

Try doing a search for a program called "SUPER" it is a free video converter program. It's very good too, I use it all the time. I can't remember the site, but the search should return the right results to you. Hope it works!