Whatsapp Crashing every Minute

WADesperate2023 - Aug 22, 2023 at 02:36 PM
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I have a problem with my account - it doesn’t matter whether I am using Whatsapp Business and Whatsapp on iPhone

My account seems to be corrupted and causing Whatsapp to crash every 45-60 seconds. I can’t back up my chats, send long messages, listen to audios or watch video content - any process that lasts longer than 45-60 seconds. 

I’ve reached out to Whatsapp several times and have done all the things advised: 

- delete whatsapp and reinstall it from a backup
- switch from Whatsapp Business to Whatsapp
- switch from Whatsapp to Whatsapp Business
- restore the iphone to factory settings 
- buy a new iPhone and install on a new phone 

Backing up over iCloud doesn’t work (I tried this and lost 6 weeks of data). Unless I am meant to backup over iCloud and then reset the phone from factory? Nightmare re-setting up the dozens of other apps I use. I haven’t tried creating a new Apple ID and trying to install my backup there on a new phone (because that would involve a great deal of inconvenience with no guarantee of success).

I now can’t backup my WAB or WA up at all as the app won’t stay open long enough to achieve a backup.

I have had the account since 2016 and it has all of my business chats there. I can’t / don’t want to lose this information or history. 

The size of my account is 26.83GB (not that big) and I don’t have issues with any other apps. 

I’m really desperate for some help, if you can. THANKS!


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It is possible that something in your backup is causing this crashing problem, or your backup is probably corrupted. I invite you to try uninstalling WhatsApp once again and reinstalling it without restoring your backup this time.

In case WhatsApp no longer crashes, restore your backup in order to retrieve your data, then you can export your chat history and media by email to keep a copy of them - see this page for the instructions. Once done, delete your backup from iCloud and reinstall WhatsApp.

Alternatively, because I understand that deleting your backup is the last thing you want to do, I suggest you try deleting some media, files and other attachments from your chats to see if that helps to avoid crashes. If that doesn't work, there's no other choice than to export your chats and delete your current backup unfortunately...

Good luck