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  • Whatsapp web "chat to myself" not working Solved

    Hello, After upgrading to the new Whatsapp Web version (where the phone does not need to be online), the "chat to myself" feature is not working c...

    PeterDays | Latest reply: Joy Aug 09
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  • WHATSAPP - Do not want to see someone's profile picture.

    Hello, Can someone please tell me what would I need to do to prevent me from seeing someone's profile picture.  I do not care if the person still ha...

    Greg | Latest reply: Greg Aug 07
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  • whazzap retrive

    Hello, i lost the simcard ive create my whazzap with and got a new number and want to get my old whazzap back 

    kwagga | Latest reply: kwagga Aug 06
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  • Cannot access to my account - lost my number

    Hello, My Sim provider sold my phone number to another person, I changed my phone and didn't change my WhatsApp number to the new one, so I lost acce...

    PROBEM | Latest reply: PROBEM Aug 04
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  • WhatsApp

    Hello, Is it possible that my WhatsApp is showing  online .yo others  While I'm  being offline ?

    Cateye | Latest reply: Cateye Aug 04
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  • whatsUpp PC: can not send photoes

    I am running win 10 64 bit on my dektop computer . I am no longer capable of sending photo : the system does not allow any attachenments. Any help on...

    Ambo | Latest reply: Ambo Aug 03
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  • WhatsApp does not work correct

    WhatsApp does not work properly, when I only type in 1 letter, it is sent immediately without using the enter key. Does anyone have an idea what coul...

    ATM78 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 31
    1 reply
  • Issues with both Google drive Backup and Local Backup

    Hey everyone. I'm trying to transfer my whatsapp account/messages from an old phone to my new phone, and i'm having issues. Just to clarify, both pho...

    RiftCygnus | Latest reply: RiftCygnus Jul 26
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  • No longer member of whatsapp group

    I linked my phone's Whatsapp to my tablet (both Android) and on the tablet it says that I am no longer participant in a group. And of course I no long...

    Lzaharia | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 24
    1 reply
  • My website is not working on whatsapp

    Hello, I have been using WhatsApp business for my website. But unfortunately, My website is not working on Whatsapp Business. Thanks

    duart661 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 24
    1 reply
  • WhatsApp issue

    Hi  I have a work colleague who I have to engage with on WhatsApp. For some reason when he messages me it doesn’t appear on the screen as a new messa...

    ErnestRoper | Latest reply: ErnestRoper Jul 20
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  • Blocking on whatsapp

    Hello, I blocked one of my contacts but when I open the chat window of that blocked contact, it shows I blocked that contact yesterday, but this co...

    Needanswers | Latest reply: Needanswers Jul 20
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  • HELP REQUIRED: WhatsApp audio video calls permission Solved

    I am using Samsung Galaxy M52 android version 12.0 and WA version Everything was going smooth, one night i used my WA, dialled calls. Nex...

    SSN_3299 | Latest reply: driesDP Jul 18
    4 replies
  • How can i get verified tick on my whatsapp business profile?

    Hello Team, i am running an online business and i also have a website. i am curious to how can i get verified tick on my business whatsapp? tha...

    duart661 | Latest reply: jimmywick Jul 16
    1 reply
  • Cannot get WhatsApp to run after I enter my phone number Solved

    Hello, I have bought a new Iphone 13 Pro Max. I recently backed up my Whatsapp data on my previous Iphone 11 to the icloud and I confirm that th...

    BAW9DV | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 14
    6 replies
  • Seen after a long time?

    Someone was having a chat with me a couple months ago on whatsapp and he turned the read receipt off back then. Now, I've been checking our chat conve...

    hello | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 14
    3 replies
  • Hide the status of a WhatsApp contact

    Hello, I have a contact that uses her "status" images to market her products. Is it possible to hide her status, so I don't receive notifications of ...

    Eric | Latest reply: Eric Jul 12
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  • Names list on whatsapp web changed orientation

    Hello, I was used to the names list of whatsapp web (the web interface) appearing on the right side of the screen. Today I saw it all went to the lef...

    Beldolan | Latest reply: Beldolan Jul 08
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  • Waiting for this message. Check your phone.

    Hello, Whatsapp issue is annoying on whatsapp Web Waiting for this message. Check your phone. also similar error message on status You rec...

    kamran85 | Latest reply: kamran85 Jul 02
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  • WhatsApp business app collapsing on my iPhone 11

    Hello, My WhatsApp business is collapsing on my iPhone 11 since I updated the app on 28th June 2022 Any possible solution to this ?

    ChetanGupte | Latest reply: ChetanGupte Jun 29
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  • archive chat deleted

    Hello, I archived a chat and deleted the chat, if they reply will it go into archive or the normal conversation list? Kind regards, James ...

    jimcav | Latest reply: jimcav Jun 28
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  • Deleted messages

    Hi there. Just realized that if I delete a message in the chat it doesn't show anymore that a msg been deleted!? How comes? I even can clear misse...

    Rikko | Latest reply: Rikko Jun 25
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  • Not used account

    Hello, I'm not using my account anymore but it's still showing the profile pic on my old cellphone number pliz help delete the account

    Ton | Latest reply: Ton Jun 25
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  • Not being able to make WhatsApp backup

    Hello, Since I have the iOS 16 Beta installed on my iPhone, I'm unable to create a WhatsApp chat backup. It keeps saying to log in to iCloud, w...

    TheMitchHD | Latest reply: TheMitchHD Jun 25
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  • What are the steps to call +639XXXXX0518

    Hello, What are the steps to call +639XXXXX0518 ? When I try, it is more digits than whatsapp wants.

    Jowi2525 | Latest reply: Jowi2525 Jun 25
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  • Changing numbers - I didnt go thru Change No now kicked out

    Hello, I was using my old number for whatsapp. However they gave it to new person, so when the person tried to claim my old whatsapp, system kicke...

    cyurdum | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 21
    1 reply
  • New text tone on whatsapp

    Hello, i have an iphone and i'd like to change the text note on whatsapp to a sound i already downloaded in mp3 format and already bexported as ringto...

    RL00 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 20
    1 reply
  • Whatsapp Video Call not working

    Hello, Whenever I initiate a video call from whatsapp, the call gets switched to the phone calling app and shows "Wi-fi operator videp calling". C...

    Mohit | Latest reply: Amyn Jun 19
    1 reply
  • changing contact profile photo

    Hello, I have a specific contact that from my weird reasons i don't like to see his whattap profile picture. I've try to go to contact profile- cho...

    tombon101 | Latest reply: tombon101 Jun 16
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  • Pictured on chat not possibile to open

    Hello, I have installed whatsup on news phone. I have inserted SIM card to new phone. After confirmation phone number by code received by SMS i have...

    Piotr | Latest reply: Piotr Jun 14
    2 replies
  • Whatsapp restore problem

    Hello, I have an issue with my whats app restore: It doesnt show the size of the restore and keeps saying to check my internet connection, whic...

    Dextro | Latest reply: Dextro Jun 13
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  • recover deleted whatsapp before i loss my job

    I need to recover a deleted whatsapp message I have a habit of deleting my messages to save space on my phone 3 days ago I got a message from a ...

    Mr.conolly | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 09
    1 reply
  • Installing WhatsApp without SMS or data

    I just got quarantined In Turkey w COVID. CDMA phone, no data or call capability. I can use Internet, a US VPN and perhaps Skype. I can't send data ...

    ds14 | Latest reply: ds14 Jun 05
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  • No more notifications on Apple Watch

    Hello, After updating to the latest WhatsApp version (version 22.11.25) I am not receiving WhatsApp notifications on my Apple Watch series 6 anymore...

    Sjoerdvdorp | Latest reply: Sjoerdvdorp Jun 04
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  • Was able to see his last seen only after messaging him

    Whatsapp Question guys! My friend has his last seen set to “contacts only” well yesterday I was able to see his last seen for most of the day then...

    Jasssyyy | Latest reply: Jasssyyy Jun 01
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  • Found WhatsApp has connected to many domains

    Found WhatsApp is connecting to multiple domains and one is unnamed domains. I have asked WhatsApp support on what is that, how come the domain is unn...

    Topic-gg | Latest reply: Topic-gg May 31
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  • WhatsApp want to update on every use

    Hello, I use WhatsApp on iPAD … so as far as I know there is no App. Every time I access with browser it says at top of page ‘Update avai...

    sargan | Latest reply: sargan May 30
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  • Whatsapp is not installing ?

    I did not accept the message from whatsapp for several months now. and yesterday whasapp didn't open and i uninstalled it tried to re install. Then it...

    dexter | Latest reply: Gtip_8062 May 30
    1 reply
  • Can't create a WhatsApp business catalog

    When I try to add an item to the catalog, and error message appears saying for to try again later.

    Santeagu | Latest reply: Zombie May 23
    1 reply
  • New iphone / Back up issues - Not space on old iphone HELP!

    Hello, Having a nightmare trying to get my whatsapp onto my new iphone. I don't have any space left on my old iphone to back up my videos/photos, ...

    Larenka123 | Latest reply: Larenka123 May 20
    1 reply
  • Weird archive message pop-up

    Hi, I got a pop-up alert on my Whatsapp (iOS 15) asking me if I wanted to un-archive the chat with a certain person. Does this ever happen randoml...

    WendyUp | Latest reply: WendyUp May 19
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  • whatsapp public group entrants need permission

    is it possible to create a whatsapp public group but have it so that people have to pm first and ask permission to join the group?

    neuronetv | Latest reply: neuronetv May 17
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  • Need help linking devices

    Hello, I am trying to set up my iphone 5s as the principal business phone and then link 4 other phones but I am having a hard time. The other phone...

    heatherfro | Latest reply: heatherfro May 16
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  • Verification code from Russian number Solved

    My friend has just acquired an iPhone 10 after previously running her what’s app account on an android phone. She proceeded to download the what’s app...

    Heathfield55 | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 14
    1 reply
  • What's app

    Hello, Hi there two days ago if we share the phone numbers in what's app, when we touch on the phone number it was given two options one "start ch...

    Afoz | Latest reply: Afoz May 14
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  • Message seen or Not !!

    Hello, I have both on my android phone and on my PC . Why is the pc showing the messsage has been seen and my phone is not its only showing delivere...

    KiKi | Latest reply: KiKi May 10
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  • Android WhatsApp Skipping Fingerprint Entry Requirement Solved

    Hello, I have a Pixel 6 phone with WhatsApp on it. I always close WhatsApp after I use it by swiping it away via the Recently Used apps tray. I'...

    DSPGuy | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 07
    7 replies
  • WhatsApp catalog error

    I can't access WhatsApp catalog everytime I try to view or create it says"catalog wasn't created try again later"

    rmogane16 | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 02
    1 reply
  • Blocked contacts

    Hello, I previously had about 60 blocked contacts but somehow today the blocked list is empty. Is the contacts got unblocked or is it a glitch. ...

    Rohan | Latest reply: Rohan Apr 30
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  • How can I fix WhatsApp Web not syncing messages?

    Hello, I have been encountering a troubling issue with WhatsApp Web recently. Conversations I have had with some of my contacts do not appear. Thes...

    Ymir00 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 30
    1 reply