Do all details disappear instantly when blocked on WA?

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Hello all,

Please excuse my poor English.

Last week I unfortunately had a big argument with someone via Whatsapp. Suddenly my message stopped going through (just a single tick), but I could still see his profile picture and his bio. About an hour later the profile picture was gone and now only since tonight, almost a whole week later, his profile bio is gone as well. I was still hoping that maybe he hadn't blocked me after all, but was just in flight mode.

My last message still only has one tick, so he hasn‘t been online since then (in case he really only was in flight mode) to block me only now, a week later.

I don't understand this, can you explain it to me? Could it be that I was blocked from the start and his profile details have only gradually disappeared due to some Whatsapp error?

I don't want to do the test with creating a group or making a call. This could end up embarrassing if I'm not blocked after all and I want to give him the peace and quiet he apparently needs.

He uses an Android phone, I use an iPhone. If that makes any difference.

Thank you all in advance