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So my friend and I got a new computer months ago. One night we were on another computer messing with it. Got Kali installed onto the the entire desktop. My login screen use to greet me with an all blue white trim screen with three options. First two login with Kali. Third windows. Usually ran through windows and used vmware for my Linux.. anyways. Now when the i boot it up. I’m at a black screen with jjlogin:


above that it’s says Ubuntu server 24.40 something like that and then “ TTYL “

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Hello !
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You messed up the boot sequence order by installing Kali Linux. It’s now booting up into the login prompt for a terminal session because it's set as the default OS. This screen is the command line interface for Ubuntu Server that you're seeing. What you need to do is to change the boot sequence from the BIOS or UEFI configuration. Follow the steps:

1. Restart your computer and quickly start pressing the Setup key. It's either the Del or F2 key but it varies across different systems. You'll enter the BIOS/UEFI Setup utility.
2. Look for the boot order sequence options. You'll find it in the Boot tab if using the BIOS comparison or in Boot Sequence in UEFI.
3. You just need to make sure that Windows Boot Loader or Windows Boot Manager (depends on whether you're using BIOS or UEFI) is at the top so it boots first.
4. Save the settings and exit. The computer will reboot and should now load Windows by default.

If this doesn't work, the Windows Boot Loader might have been overwritten when you installed Kali Linux. In this case, you'd need to repair it using a Windows recovery disk or a Windows installation disk.


Man that didn’t help. I’ve tried so many different things. Always brings me back to the black screen asking for a login and password