Can I install Vista over a corrupt XP

Kouken - Jul 7, 2009 at 05:34 PM
 Kouken - Jul 7, 2009 at 06:42 PM
Hello, I am going to be getting Vista soon and I want to install it over my PC with windows XP to fix a few problems, however my XP PC has run into a few problems

1. I had a big Malware and trojan problem and my anti-virus deleted the userint.exe and that caused an auto-login logoff loop, and I couldn't fix that since my PC didn't come with a Windows XP CD.

2. My dad was screwing around with Harddrives on that computer trying to think of his own half-crapped way to fix it by using a different harddrives, only to find out all of these harddrives were messed up in one way or another. When he put it back together it now says disk boot failure, please insert boot disk. I don't have anyway to get past this seeing as we don't have any cd's to use to get past that (I heard you could create a boot disk on another pc with a burner and a similar version of XP, however the PC I am using has Windows 98, and no burner.) I think that may be because of the one drive being plugged back in wrong because the first few times he tried the computer shut down as soon as it turned on.

3. I think the computers files are still screwed up and infected

I want to know if I can fix this by somehow installing Vista, or would I have to get past the boot disk part to install it? I really don't want to have to buy Xp and Vista and I don't know anybody who would lend my a copy of XP. Can anyone help me with this? I would appreciate it.

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First if you have been running Win 98, your hardware will more than likely will not support Vista. If by some chance it can, well then you would want to reformat your hard drive(s) any way. A good alternative is to get a "LiveCD" Distro of Linux or FreeBSD. With these you can run off of a CD and have access back to your hard drives. You will need a cd player at the least. Linux distro's are free OS's and arguably better than Microsoft according to who you talk to! In the end, if you do not have your XP install CD's you will have more then a nightmare trying to get it working. The loss of your "Userint.exe" is probably just the start of many lost or corrupt files. You can try contacting Microsoft if you have the "Valid" CD Key Off the back of your computer or wherever, and they may give you a download or even mail you a copy of your XP. That's the best I can do! Good Luck with it, I've been there many a time so I can understand where your at!
NO NO NO! I AM USING A COMPUTER WITH WINDOWS 98, but I have one with Xp as mentioned above, I am just using this for now until I get that problem fixed, that one has a dvd burner and a cd burner.