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when i turn my computer on half way through doing stuff my monitor beeps and then comes up saying windows has been closed to stop your computer rom been harmed and it stays like that and when i turn it back on i get a constant beeping and flashing from the monitor light and the only way it will come back on is if i bang it it is a Fujitsu siemens what can i do to stop it

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That just happened to me right now and from what you guys said I took it upon myself to fix this problem. Mines was simple, I turned on the computer and it was flashing and bleeping red. I let it do that and opened the dvd-rom by clicking the disc tray button then closed it. After that a blue error screen popped up and I shut it off and restarted it. That did the trick for me but I don't know if it will work for you. Its simple and you don't have to open anything :]

Hello, please get more information about the beep problems from the below address.

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this seems to be a RAM problem.

disconnect the computer from the mains supply, open the case and remove the RAM.

clean the pins and then put it back again.

restart the system, if the same thing happen then remove all the PCI devices and if you have several RAMs, connect only one.

restart the computer.