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  • Developer CPUID
  • Version 1.51
  • License Freeware
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HWMonitor is a hardware monitoring software that is able to read your PC systems' core health sensors, including voltages, fan speed, temperatures, and many more. Through a simple and clean interface, you will get all the info you need about your hardware components in no time.

What is HWMonitor?

Sometimes, retrieving information about your system can be crucial, whether it is because you need to solve hardware issues, or just because you want to check if everything is okay.

HWMonitor is a monitoring solution developed by CPUID that is able to scan, monitor, and retrieve valuable information about all your hardware components and sensors.

What are the key features of HWMonitor?

  • Interface: The whole interface is pretty clean, as all data are displayed clearly. Even though some windows may show you a lot of information, the overall results are simply readable in a tree-like structure.
  • Monitor components: It can quickly scan various hardware components like your CPU, GPU, fans, hard drives, SSDs, batteries, and other sensors. Then, you can consult all the related information, like the CPU or GPU usage, the fan speed, the temperature, the voltage, and many other kinds of data.
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  • Remote access (pro version): You can remotely monitor and retrieve data from other PCs and Android devices through a simple TCP/IP connection.
  • Export: Once retrieved, you can easily export available data to a TXT file.
  • Lightweight: HWMonitor runs with very few resources so it won't impact your PC performance.

How to use HWMonitor?

Once downloaded and launched, HWMonitor scans your computer and displays the different hardware components. Also, you can consult all the specific information through the tree-like structure.

Is HWMonitor free?

This version can be downloaded and used for free. There is also a paid Pro version with a single-user license.

Is HWMonitor safe?

Yes, HWMonitor is considered safe to use.