Monitor keeps going in power save mode

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Thursday June 11, 2009
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June 11, 2009
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I am trying to connect my laptop to a monitor. The monitor worked fine with a pc when I last used it, a while ago. I have recently used the same laptop with another monitor, and that worked fine. But those two together... the best I managed was to get the monitor to show me the laptop's desktop for 2 seconds before going back to safe mode. Any idea what's going on??
Thanks in advance!

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Monday April 27, 2009
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June 12, 2009

check the VGA cable, it might be loose.

press the Fn key and CRT/LCD key found in the F keys to switch the screen.
Thank you

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Thanks, I had the Power Save Mode thing, so I tried your idea and pressed the Fn +F5 keys,
Now it works great! Thanks again

I think you just solved my problem too!!!
i tried this method it doesnt work please help my computer goes into power save mode after 15 mins of me playing an online or disc game the screens power light just blinks and power save mode pops up and it goes to a black screnn please please help me
Just solved my issue! Thank you!
where u find these keys
I had the same problem.

This worked.

Unplug the PC. Hold the power button for 30 seconds. Plug the computer back on. Turn it on again.

If it doesn't work:

Remove the small button battery from the motherboard and then proceed the start up in the normal way. Select F2 if the option appears, altho' the start up may go all the way normally.
Purchase NEW battery. First battery purchase replacement was a dud for me which really put me back trying all sorts of other stuff.
Please disconnect power to pc before removing the battery. If you got fat fingers use an electricians screwdriver to pop the battery holding clip.
Good luck
thank you
I my case it had to do with the resolution: when it is set too small (with another screen) the monitor can't handle it

when I called the LG-helpdesk they could tell me the exact possible (smallest) resolution I could use ans it worked :-)
I just had a problem with my LG monitor and has been working great until now. The solution is to make sure there is only one connection from pc to monitor. I unhooked the blue cable and the analog power saving mode disappeared! It works better now!