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Hello all,

I'm working in Excel 2003 with a spreadsheet of phone call data I downloaded/imported from my cell carrier. If I activate Autofilter, the AF drop-down menus appear for all columns but one, but they work for only 2 columns (neither of which is the one I really need).

There are only about 600 rows in the spreadsheet and probably fewer than 200 unique strings in any given column.



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When upgrading from excel 2003 to excel 2007, auto advanced filter problems are solved by removing names from criteria formulae and replacing with absolute cell positions.
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Thank you very much for that tip.
Changing named ranges to absolute references in an Advanced Filter also solved my problem where an Excel 2003 macro would not work in Excel 2007.
What do the guys at Microsoft think they are doing by making regressive changes in functionality?
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Please make sure you make the right command.

Or other wise you must do it manually