Sims 2 deluxe problem!!!!! [Closed]

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ok, so when i put the game in the first time it poped up and i didnt have the code so i asked my friend for it and he had to go get but my dad made me close it out and ever since then i cant download it...
It wont pop up and when i click on the computer and go to all the things there it isnt there,
it just spits it out and says to put in a disc when its in ther
so i put in sims 2 university expansion pack it spun like crazy and read it and said i needed the sims two..
So i did it again and nothing happend..Its like it is not reading it all the way and its like litttle motions


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uninstall the game and them install it again.

make sure that this is an original version of the game, if it is not, buy the CD.

thank you.

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