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  • Developer Mairusu
  • Version 2.0.0
  • License Freeware
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Five Nights in Anime 2 is an indie point-and-click survival video game that is the sequel to Five Nights in Anime and before Five Nights in Anime 3. As the night security guard of the Freddy's Anime Convention, you will have to survive five nights among the evil and sexy anime animatronics that will try to scare you to death using their bodies.


Welcome to your new job at the brand new Freddy Anime Convention. As the night watcher of the place, you will quickly realize that the funny anime animatronics that entertain people during the day are not as friendly when the night comes. Watch over all the convention rooms and vents from your office using all the tools you have, survive five nights, and stay alive. Be careful, and don't let the girls become into you, or they will show you what they are made of.

This is the second title of the series, the other installments are Five Nights in Anime and Five Nights in Anime 3.

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  • Survive: You will have to survive five nights, from 12 AM to 6 AM, monitoring the animatronic girls who are working here from your office. Two lateral vents and one big central door lead to your office. Use your cameras to monitor the twelve rooms and ducts, turn on your light to prevent the animatronic from coming from the main door, and watch the vents when the girls are near you. Stay alert, or they will scare you to death by showing you their naked anime bodies.
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  • Avoid a hard time with them: Even though they are all animatronics, they don't all behave the same way. Depending on the animatronic, you will have to perform specific actions not to be scared by it, including Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Mangle, Spring-Bonnie, Golden Freddy, BB, and the terrifying Puppet. Those evil sexy things will give you a hard time.
  • Wear your panties: A new feature has been added to FNiA 2, the Panties. Indeed, by wearing it, you will be able to fend them off and avoid being scared. Make sure nobody steals them from you, though, or you could get in trouble.
  • New animatronics: You are lucky, two new animatronics will have to be monitored. Say hello to Balloon Babe (alias BB), a humanlike feminine animatronic who will steal your precious panties, making you vulnerable to the other animatronics. In addition, the pale white-skin creepy Puppet will try to jump-scare you if you don't pull up the monitor in time or have it on when she appears.
  • Pay attention to phone calls: You will receive phone calls from your employer. He will guide you through the game and warn you when animatronics will become more confident.
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Graphics and sound

The rooms' graphics are literally like Five Nights at Freddy's 2 rooms, the posters and other artwork are mostly fan work, and the developer has created the girls' animations. The final product is parodic but still offers a sort of creepy atmosphere with a scary OST and audio feedback (except when the girls moan).

Duration and game modes

Like the first FNiA title, Five Nights in Anime offers a solo adventure you can complete in a few hours or more if you want to enjoy the view and see all the possible jumpscares.

What do the reviews say?

For an indie video game created for a small and specific community, it seems the game has become very popular.

Age rating

Although Five Nights in Anime 2 has no official PEGI rating, it can be considered suitable for an adult audience because it contains suggestive scenes.

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