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  • Developer Astaros3d
  • Version 1.0.01013
  • License Freeware
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Dive back into Derek's life in the sequel to "My Cute Roommate", as he embarks on a quest for love in Russia, avoiding military school. But, as he navigates stunning landscapes and meets captivating women, he finds his "talents" lead to unexpected twists.


In this sequel, you step back into the shoes of Derek from "My Cute Roommate," only a few years after the original game's events. To dodge the bullet of a military school, you reach out to an old "acquaintance," Dean, and that's when the plot thickens. Instead of donning a uniform, you're jetting off to Russia through a student exchange program.

What could go awry in a land brimming with stunning vistas and equally captivating women, where your mission is to find a girlfriend? Sounds straightforward, right? However, as Derek soon realizes, the path to love is fraught with unexpected twists, especially when he discovers he's a bit more "talented" than the average suitor.

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  • Enhanced storyline: The sequel dives deeper than ever, weaving complex scenarios and choices right into the fabric of its story, building on the original game's narrative in exciting new ways.
  • Expanded gameplay mechanics: It's not just about pointing and clicking anymore. Look out for fresh ways to play, including mini-games and new interactions that spice up your exploration.
  • Deeper character development: Get to know characters on a whole new level. Everyone, from Derek to the ensemble cast, comes with more backstory and personality, making your journey through their lives feel even more real.
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  • Broader setting: Say hello to Russia! This setting opens up a world of unique cultural vibes and social quirks, expanding the game's universe and adding layers of intrigue.
  • Enhanced relationship dynamics: Relationships get real in the sequel, with more complex choices and outcomes. It's all about navigating the intricate dance of interactions, where every decision matters.
  • New challenges and obstacles: Being "more gifted" isn't all it's cracked up to be. Prepare for hurdles that'll have you flexing your problem-solving muscles and strategizing like a pro.
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flaunts enhanced graphics, showcasing a vibrant and immersive world. The visual style is notably refined, with detailed character designs that breathe life into each persona.

Duration and game modes

It features features a single-player mode. Regarding duration, it's likely to last several hours.

Age rating

My Cute Roommate 2 is suitable for an adult audience.

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