My iTunes Store Won't Work. [Closed]

 Walker -
Hhhh... So I was going to connect to the iTunes store to get some music and every single time I click on anything of that sort it says " iTunes could not connect to iTunes store. make sure your network connection is active and try again." How do I do that? ... My interent works if thats what it means. Help me please.

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wow this worked like a charm thanks

This is what u do
control panel
internet options
Connections tab
Click LAN Settings
uncheck "use a proxy server"
Thank you

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated. Add comment

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Thanks so much, worked for me!!! x
i thought nothing would work and I tried everything but thatnks to you it works now
thanks alot worked for me
Are you all morons ?!? Of course it didn't work , stupid stupid stupid :/
Sorry I wasn't in the mood it didn't work so I took it out on you guys I'm so sorry
This is what u do
control panel
internet options
Connections tab
Click LAN Settings
uncheck "use a proxy server"
Finally got it working. Some of the directions on what to do here aren't very good but the answer is right!
Open internet explorer. Must be internet explorer not firefox not mozilla not what ever else you use!
Click Tools
Internet options
then click on the connections tab
then at the bottom of that window click LAN SETTINGS
Make sure proxy setting is unchecked on this screen.

It is true many Anti Virus software can interfere. Make sure it is all off. I also made sure I had all my port forwarding set up for itunes.
Thanks a lot been trying to figure this out for weeks and it finally worked!!!!

Oh My goodness Thank Youu. You Saved Me.!!! :D
WORKED !!!! I NEVER use IE.....always firefox, but sure enough....opened up IE and took out the check marks and voila!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, I've been going crazy trying to figure out why it wouldn't work.
Thanks men! finally all my research got true!! I've been searching this kind of instruction and that's it!! very helpful
this is what u do
control panel
internet options
Connections tab
Click LAN Settings
uncheck "use a proxy server"
Hi Ni,
What do you do if the" Use proxy server" box is already unchecked and you still get the dreaded message. Please don't tell me, "just cry." Cause I will :)
FINALLY!!!!! Thanks for the help.
You are the best ni. I am indebted to you! From a Vegas native to you....THANK YOU!
man u r gud.....thanks
I couldn't access my iTunes store after I upgraded. my Lan was unchecked in options. Just for kicks I checked and then unchecked it. I was then able to access my iTunes.
Here's what worked for me. I reset the default settings on my internet explorer by going to internet explorer, tools, internet options, advanced tab, reset. Then, I went to internet explorer, tools, internet options, connections tab, lan setting, and then unchecked proxy box. Good luck.
same here tried all tyhings reloaded itunes evrything tonight reset internet explorer to default settings itunes store good to go even bought a song yay. hope this solves your problem too. btw happy new year
how did you do all that??
Hi, Im in the same situation. Tried everything.
I had itunes version 8 working with no issues...could connect to the iTunes store.actually never had issues with connecting to istore until I downloaded itunes 9....can't connect to istore at all now even though the net is working.
Have tried everything and nothing yet! :< Checked proxy setting is unticked, uninstalled itunes, reinstalled itunes..made sure itunes is included in exceptions in windows firewall.
To make matters worse I am dying to get my new iphone set up
any help appreciated!

omg, I LOVE YOU!! I haven't been able to connect to the itunes store for months. I had tried just about everything, and nothing worked. I tried this, and it's working! the worst part of it was that my iphone wouldn't work, so I had to restore it, but I couldn't becuase I wasn't able to connect. now my iphone is in restore mode, and i'm literally jumping up and down. THANK YOU SO MUCH! once again, I LOVE YOU!
i have norton 360 premier so it was kind of different but your instructions got me there. Thanks, I spent so many hours on this!
OMG turning off firewall actually worked thanks so much! :)
wooow this helped thanks SO much now I can transfer all my music :)


check if firewall is blocking iTunes to connect to internet.


>control panel

>windows firewall

go to exceptions and allow iTunes.

hope this helps.
same problem here.
i checked the exceptions and itunes is already allowed.
i just uninstalled and reinstalled both iTunes and Quicktime.
no luck - same prob persists.
Same thing happening to me and its never done this before. Whenever I try to reach the itunes store or try to use Genius it says cannot connect to itunes check internet connection. But my internet is obviously working fine.
i really need to restore my ipod.
kk thnxx

This also does not work. I checked the exceptions to my firewall. iTunes is already allowed. The firewall itself has been disabled.
Any other suggestions?
@Alexis, to restore your ipod manually, you can always dl the firmware from the internet instead of using itunes. Then just save the file, and in itunes, shift click restore and find the file you saved and use that.
It's apple. They're doing some sort of repair work on iTunes
THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iT WORKED!
I've tried everything everyone's suggested and it still won't work. I've literally tried everything. Any other ideas?
u need to download the new safari 4.0.3 ... or something lol, for some reason the itunes store only works with it... thos b*stards.. making us download their programs... its all a marketing scheme! ....ahem.. :) good luck!
I would download safari 4.0.3 but dont have that option on my computer
I have a Mac
So, I have McAffee and I disabled the blocking of sites and added itunes as an exception through McAffee scanner. Itunes store is now functioning!!!
how did you do that
I tried all of the above then just reset all Internet Explorer settings to the default and thought I use firefox this worked straight away
I can't get the whole itunes page in. the slide bar at bottom is not there, I cannot buy any songs.
Someone help me please. My itunes wont work since I upgraded it. I tried everything. My proxy server was already unchecked. I tried uninstalling it, I tried installing the older version of it and it wouldnt let me. ugh.
same thing for me
I would try a new router for a better connection unless your hardlined than its probably just your computer not loading it
me 2!!!! Growl!
It worked!!!!

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