Conditional formula

chinna - Jul 23, 2009 at 08:31 AM
 Trowa - Jul 27, 2009 at 07:10 AM

i want a formula in MS Excel for the below example.

Cell D2 Cell D3 Cell D4
Amount in USD @ 13/- Dual signatories Result
20960 ac
5450 ba
687 cb

i want a formula where in Cell D4 that the Text contained in Cell D3 is correct or not which is based on information in Cell D2

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Hi Chinna,

What are the conditions for cell D3 to be correct or incorrect?

I don't see the connection between D3 and D2.

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hi trowa,

the conection between cell D2 and d3 is that if the amount in cell d2 is more than 20000 than cell d3 should be show the text as " aa or bb or ac or bc but not cc. so if the text in cell d3 shows for example as cc then in cell d4 i want answer as wrong if it is other than text cc in cell d3 than it should show as correct.

i hope u got the point,

Hi Chinna,

What you need is an IF formula in D4:


You might have to change the ";" into a "," depending on your excel version.

Hope this helps you, let me know if it doesn't

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