No sound from TV when HDMI via laptop

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i have my laptop connected to my hdmi tv and the sound is coming through the laptop but not the tv. i tried setting hdmi as the default but it still only goes through the laptop. how can i fix this?

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Hello Sir,

Please make sure to have the HDMI driver installed,

Just install the driver from the Driver cd you got along with your laptop


this might work but i had the same problem a while ago. Go into control panel, then sound and change the setting to hdmi speakers and then it should play through your tv. But also make sure drivers installed like flcconflict said
I had the exact same problem, and none of the solutions worked! I'm running from my laptop to TV via HDMI, and the sound usually projects through the tv once I plug the cable in. The solution I found was to open the Device Manager, and down at the bottom of the list, under system devices, I found that the High Definition Audio Controller was disabled, mysteriously and on its own! I enabled it, and VOILA, the audio was immediately transferred to my TV! I have an external speaker system hooked up to my TV's audio output, so now my laptop is working on a bigger HD screen w/premium stereo sound!

Start Menu - Control Panel - Device Manager - System Devices - High Definition Audio Controller - right click - properties - enable

Hope this helps!
Yesyes thank for hints! no idea why it suddenly was deactivated on my laptop either! Works now, thanks again!