Sound suddenly stopped working on computer [Solved/Closed]

 Alexersen -
Hello.... I got home from work today and my sound was working I fell asleep for an hour and a half and when I woke up it was no longer working. I have no idea what happened... can someone please help me... I am using windows xp as an operating system. I don't know what else you might need to know but if you need something just ask... I have very little knowledge about computers and would appreciate very detailed and explicit directions... thank you so much for any help you can give me...

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Mine fixed after I opened services on my computer, clicked Windows audio and then either click start the service or restart the service!

Note from Kimberley : Came into work this morning and the sound that was working perfectly fine last night when we left wasn't working this morning. We tried the speakers on another system and they worked fine so we knew it was some kind of internal issue. Problem, once found, was a quick fix. Somehow gremlins during the night switched the speakers to mute.
Start/ Settings / Control panel / Sounds and Devices/Device Volume/Unchecked Mute
Thank you

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This worked immediately! Thank you so much!
Thanks man i had faced the same problem but now it's fixed thanks to you ;)

Thank you so much I tried new drivers everything, this worked in less than 1 min. +++1
It worked to restart windows audio under services.
I just wonder what caused this no sound issue......

Hi there,

Please refer to link below from Faq and follow instruction given,if not solved please fell free to revert back or send me a pm stating the things you tried with more information:

For my computer, I just hold the off button until it's shut off and on it again and its fixed
thank you so much itsfixed ! GOD bless u
i shut mine off and the sound still isnt working
SAME! IT used to work but then while i was watching a video it just stopped! HEELP!
i did n it works thank you
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Start/ Settings / Control panel / Sound. Set playback to headphones {default device} Then click on sounds / sound schemes and set this to Windows default {I dont know why but sometimes this can be changed and this is why I lose my sound} Hope this helps

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