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 Complicated - Aug 16, 2009 at 10:45 AM
hi again, i believe i love this forum!!! no sincerely, i love your first when i went to school, my IT teacher told me than nowadays there is only one processor in a computer but tomorrow there will be two instead of one. he told us that it would make the processing of data quicker. and yes it was a long time ago and predicted the future. at this time, we've reached two processors. earlier programmers were easily managing their tasks but now they have to write their programs more complicated in order to divert a part for the first processor and another part for the second one. Hey man, you are just complicating the task of the programmers, wtf!!??!?!?!?? why adding another processor???Don't you see that they are making things more complicated...makes me remember a song from Avril Lavigne but don't remember which one....can you tell what was the title of the song??

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