Driver for AMD Athlon

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  • Developer AMD
  • Version 2.10.00
  • License Freeware
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Driver for AMD Athlon, as the name suggests is a driver for processors of the AMD series. It offers possibilities to enhance the processor's performance and correct potential bugs.

What are the key features of AMD Athlon driver?

  • Managing consumption in the CPU that offers the user the ability to manage the speed of his device and the voltage administration in real time. With this functionality, the system can find the proper balance between performance and consumption.
  • Correcting bugs, once the software is correctly installed on the computer, it provides a specific feature for detecting and resolving potential bugs inside the system. It works along with Cool & Quiet which offers all necessary tools for detecting the bug and configuring the needed changes to eliminate it.
  • Full performance, the user can access the CPU's full performance analysis. It allows the user to access projections and full data to understand the behavior of the system and enhance its performance.

Is it free?

The software is free.

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