Cant get sims 2 green skin or witches hat. [Closed]

 morgee24 -
Im trying to make an elphaba sim and a glinda sim (from wicked) but
problems with elphaba
1. i cant get elphabas green skin
2. i cant get her black cape.
3. i cant find her witches hat
problems with glinda
1. i cant find her dress
2. i dont know how to get the proper pattern from the show (youtube: no one mourns the wicked ravenclaw123)
normal problems
I bought sims 2 of ebay and the guy i bought it of has made an sims 2 exchange acount and i can not make my own cos it says "the acctivation code has already be acctivated" so is there a way of getting rid of an account please help!

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go to ok
Thank you

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boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
Shift + N

Now you can start to create your new character and the star will be selectable.

You have to type the cheat in create a family mode then
shift + N, and then after that, make a character, it wont work if you are already making the character.
Also, I think you need nightlife