No CMOS Beep, Onscreen image, working monitor

gingey - Jul 15, 2008 at 07:36 PM
 Einar - Jul 7, 2009 at 11:39 PM

I realy need some help here, I was playing Silkroad Online with a friend for the laughs and then all of a sudden my pc decides to crash, screen turned off as if it wasnt connected and I could here his voice repeating (using ventrilo).... I restarted my pc maunally (pressed power button) then it started up to what seemed to be fine exept instead of the usual BIOS single beep it was replaced with a long beep, which my brother thought sounded like 3 beeps realy quickly.... The screen is still doing the same thing by pretending nothing is connected, I have checked the monitor and it works like a charm as it is currently plugged into this laptop and working fine.

I read some forums and heard about the RAM so I took the RAM out and put it back in, same with the GFX Card and HD... I also took the onboard CMOS battery out of the mobo and then put it back in

Now when I start the computer, it is the same as before yet there is no BIOS beep at all! This is realy frustrating me as I only recently built the pc (3 weeks ago) and it was my first build

I realy dont want to replace anything as I spent alot of cash for the bits although if I have to I guess I have to =[

AMD 64 X2 2.6Ghz Dual Core
250GB HD
Gigabyte GA-M57 SLI-S4 mobo
nVidia Geforce 7900GS
450W Power Supply

If you have any sugestions or even better, a solution I would greatly appreciate it as I REALY need to use my computer for work and, this sounds sad.... Its pretty much everything to me, as I dont do much else apart from getting home and going on the computer

Please get back to me A.S.A.P

Hope I see your solutions coming into my email soon, Thanks


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Well, just an update here......
I have sent my graphics card back to ebuyer and should be recieving a replacement within the next few days, if the graphics card isnt the problem i'm going to have to keep sending my parts bit by bit to ebuyer untill the problem is finished, someone replied to my comment saying that the computer had, had a virus and he will post the name of the virus for us once the results are back with him.

Well after clearing my CMOS battery again the beep is back (one long two short = gfx failure) but ofcourse the screen isnt, so yeah..... Thanks for the help so far and I shall get back to you once my new graphics card comes in and I hopefully get my new pc set up.... I cant wait lol

I miss it so much, also I have just finished work experience at a store called GAME in the UK and they let me have BF2142 Deluxe Edition for FREE!!! :P So I want to play that ASAP lol, I think I may get COD4 and Assassins Creed also.... so I hope our problem is resolved

I´ve been having your exact same problem and the computer specs match. In my case though I could turn the computer on and off a thousand time and in the end it would boot untill it crashed and couldn´t get a bios beep from it anymore. Anyways, I´ve determined that the motherboard is busted and I think you´ll save yourself some time by starting there.