My ACER Aspire 6920G wont load/boot properly. [Solved/Closed]

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My ACER Aspire 6920G will not load/boot past the microsoft corporation loading screen. It just keeps loading and loading and I have to turn it off by holding down the power button, when I turn it back on it says 'windows error recovery' and I have the option of either 'launch start up (recommended)' or 'start windows normally' naturally I do the recommended although I have tried the other (still nothing). when I do the launch start up it comes onto a 'startup repair' screen where it attempts to repair it. when it is finished and it restarts my laptop it still does the same thing. I have tried this close to 50 times. Obviously I am sending this frokm a different laptop because I cant get onto my ACER Aspire at all. Somebody please help me! Cheers.
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Try ALT+F10 as soon as it starts up. It has got me a bit further by reinstalling the entire system but I am still not having much luck keeping the system stable.

Thank you, chunky 34

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Thanks for your help buddy God bless, worked a miracle for me.
wow it works!!!!
Many thanks, this has solved my issue.
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How do I do that, it wont let me do anything anymore. It doesnt even show the start-up repair page anymore. It shows the microsoft corporation loading screen for a minute or 2, then it just stays black???
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I have the same issue, maybe it was a Windows Update? I cant seem to get the safe mode option as well
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Hi,is it possible to have a copy of the recovery disc as my laptop lost its bluray and other functions...thanks.
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run a chkdsk /r on your c: drive asap
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have you tried to boot up in safe mode?
have you tried to do a system recovery from hard drive/recovery disk
It didn't give me the choice to do any of them. I have now managed to get it on by pure luck as I kept trying but I have no doubt that it will probably keep doing this.