Date format in excel.

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Hello again,

Is there a way to make excel read fields left padded with a 0.

For example I have a program that only reads date format like this yymmdd, so when I open the csv file in excel it reads 080725 as 80725 instead.

Then when I save any changes it saves 80725 instead.

Thank you for any input.

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There is a simple way to fix it . This method is without the Macror. Select the column which has the Date in YYMMDD format click on Text to Columns, Click on Fixed with , click on next , click on next , Select Date on the Left top corner . Click on the drop down to chose the format that you want ( E.G.) MDY will give you the Month,Date and Year format. Click on Finish .

Let me know if this help....

Thank you

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Thanks RJ This was very helpfull

Like a charm, Thanks!
It's quite simple actually. Under the "Format Cells"menu, click "Custom" and then add a new formatting with 6 zeros "000000". Once set up, you can use this new custom formatting each time needed.