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Kingston Format Utility is a fully featured and simple-to-use solution to format your devices, switch to another file system, or wipe your data. Its simple interface makes it intuitive to use while taking advantage of fast performance.

What is Kingston Format Utility?

Kingston Format Utility is a formatting solution developed by Kingston Technology Corporation that is very useful to ensure your Kingston memory device is usable on different systems with different file systems.

Even though Kingston Format Utility runs on Windows, your storage device will be usable on various operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

What are the key features of Kingston Format Utility?

  • Format easily: Kingston Format Utility's primary purpose is to format your Kingston drives and restore them to their original state while removing all issues and viruses.
  • Choose your file system: In any case, you can choose from various file systems and ensure your devices are compatible with multiple operating systems.
  • Thorough formatting: You have advanced control over many low-level formatting settings to achieve advanced maintenance.
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  • Quick formatting: The quick format option is also available if you don't need to deal with low-level settings and want to get fast results.
  • Secure data wiping: Kingston Format Utility ensures your data is effectively wiped and no longer readable.
  • Multi-language: It supports many languages to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

How to use Kingston Format Utility?

  1. As usual, perform a backup of the data stored on your device before formatting (only in case you value them).
  2. Connect your device to your computer and launch Kingston Format Utility.
  3. Select your device from the Device dropdown list.
  4. Select the desired file system from the File system dropdown list.
  5. Click on Format and wait for the operation to finish.

Is Kingston Format Utility free?

Absolutely, Kingston Format Utility is free to use.

Is Kingston Format Utility safe?

Yes, Kingston Format Utility is considered safe to use.

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