How to know if someone hack my computer? [Solved/Closed]

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I wannt to know how could I know if someone hack my computer, I mean he could acess my folders without I saw him ?
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Thank you
Dear Sir,

Yes it is possible.

In order to know if there is no one connected on your PC,

Just open Command Prompt and execute the following:

netstat -a

It will indicate you if there are intruders.

Thank you.

Thank you, dybbody 73

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Dear dybbody,

I tried what u told and I fund some IPs but I didn't

understand it could u tell me if may PC is hacked or Not
thx bro thk u so much
Hi I tried netstat -a and found a connection that I don't want there how do I go about getting rid of them?
just type netstat -a ?