What is HDD (HP) Master Password?

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I have Windows XP and it's shut me out of me out. When I turn on it has black screen, asks for a DriveLock Password, a second I forget, then a HDD Master Password. I've never had password for these and nothing works and pc locks my hard drive. I can't reinstall Windows or repair using the disc, even by booting with it. But I can hit F2 and my password to enter SetUp works. I go to Security and it lets me change setup and administrator password, but not the Hard Drive password cause I don't know the current one. I enter the wrong things and window pops up "System Disabled, (next line) [00007]". What is this?

How do I gain access to my computer? And how did it suddenly erase Windows from the HD and lock me out. The last time I used my pc it booted to Windows, tho there was problem caused by shareware registry cleaner, think it was CCleaner. It erased most of my essential reg entries but at least Windows ran. Then boom, nothing. I need help cause I really don't know all that much about pcs.

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This is what HP says about DriveLock

DriveLock hard drive protection

DriveLock does not require the user to remember another password. DriveLock integrates with poweron
password, and if both are the same, the user is required to enter only a single password in order
to unlock the system as well as the hard drive.
The DriveLock password is stored inside the hard drive itself, and cannot be read; it can only be
authenticated against. In practical terms, this means that an unauthorized user does not have any
means to read the DriveLock password stored on a hard drive. In order to unlock the hard drive, the
correct password has to be entered.
A hard drive protected with a drive lock password stays protected even if removed from one system
and inserted into another.
DriveLock can be enabled in BIOS setup by selecting DriveLock Passwords from the Security menu.
This will prompt the user to create a master password and a user password before enabling

Most people just replace the disk with another hard disk.

Good Luck