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  • Developer Master Royale
  • Version 3.2729.1
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Master Royale is a Clash Royale mod that does not require the original video game to play. Master Royale is a multiplayer free version of Clash Royale that offers you unlimited resources and cards so that you only need to focus on deck building and strategies. Give it a try and discover a brand new experience!


  • Unlimited characters: You will be able to use all the available cards of the original games. Moreover, they get you covered as when new cards are added to Clash Royale, they will always also be in Master Royale. Three types of cards are available to build your strategy, including troops, spells, and buildings.
  • Unlimited gems and gold: You will start the game with 1 million gems and gold, which is enough to unlock all the chests and upgrade all the cards in the game. If you need more, you need to go to the shop and refill for free.
  • Build your strategy: In Master Royale, you don’t have to pay to be the best player. As all the cards and upgrades are available, everyone can only count on strategy and adaptations.
  • Face other players: There is already a big community playing Master Royale. So you will always find someone else to face and fight. You will also be able to play 2v2, either choose one of your friends or let the game pick a random teammate.
  • Custom modes and events: The game includes custom modes, including games with x3 elixir, 2v2, and more! Stunning custom monthly events are also organized to provide diversified content and challenges.
  • Link your account: You will be able to synchronize your account with your Facebook account. This feature allows you to save your progress if you want to change your device or reinstall the app.
  • Stable server: Even though Master Royale runs on a free non-official server, it still offers a very stable experience which is roughly always 100% available.
  • Nice interface: Master Royales features (almost) the same nice-looking and simple-to-use interface as Clash Royale. It feels good because the familiar interface makes the whole experience significantly more accessible.

Graphics and sound

The graphics and sound are pretty much the same as Clash Royale. All the animations, graphics, ost, and audio feedback are polished, offering a great experience.

Duration and game modes

Master Royale offers a multiplayer experience and 1v1 and 2v2 gameplay. Each game has an average duration of 5 minutes. The developers will add new innovative game modes in the future.

Age rating

Master Royale has no official PEGI rating. Because it is a mod of the game Clash Royale, it contains fantasy violence, so we can assume it could be rated at least the same as Clash Royale, which is 10+.

How to install Master Royale on your Android?

There are only two steps, setting up your device to install APK files and installing the APK file.

  1. Setting up your device to install APK files is very simple. You usually find this option in Settings > Security. You can also complete this process from the popup window that appears on some Android devices when directly installing an APK.
  2. Install the game, and you’re good to go!
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