How to get sub total in excel

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plz help me in getting sub total, for following example

Reg exp

ab01 11
ab01 10
ab01 9 sub total=30
ab02 8
ab02 7
ab02 6 sub total=21
cb01 5
cb01 4
cb01 3 sub total=12
cb02 2
cb02 2 sub total=04

here reg is automatically cumming from report.
i am want automatically sum the exp with respect Reg

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Dear Sir,

You will have to check the appropriate existing columns in the Add SubTotal option.

You will hence have the proper column to choose for each of the changes you make.

You will have to specify the change, select sum. Also check the to replace current

subtotals and to have a summary below data.

Thanks in advance.
Thank you

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